1. Definitely a venue thing. By the time the meet and greet happens, at the stop I'm going to, entry and re-entry will be closed for the night.

  2. I believe it's during the show. About 2 hours before Joel goes on stage. Been that way so far that I've seen.

  3. Escape..... on repeat. Follow me for more tips. πŸ€™πŸ»πŸ˜œ

  4. Tau V1/V2....... I'm old. Lol Those 2 songs still slap.

  5. I wish I would have started collecting these a long time ago. πŸ˜”

  6. I'm sure this set was πŸ”₯ and was Testpilot heavy. Definitely a treat for whomever was there. Would love to get the track list from it. Curiosity has me wondering what new songs he's sampling into his shows.

  7. Can't show more disdain for a song than a visual of yourself slamming your head on a desk wearing a t-shirt that says Fuck You on it. Lol. Love Joel.

  8. No I mean crypto technology is what verifies your ownership. That's the backbone of how NFTs work. But it's not necessary for these kind of things. Joel could just have his own database in his house and add your name to the record saying you're the owner. No blockchain necessary for this.

  9. Ehh. I don't care about the details so much. I bought one. I think it looks dope. I love the fact that it gets me in a show if I want it to. I'll never sell it. Kinda ends there for me if I'm being completely honest. There have been a few sandbox drops recently for head5 owners but I'm not into that stuff, or nfts, or crypto. Lol. I just thought they were cool and the guest list for shows sounded like a win in the long run. I paid $180 for it. COULD use it to go to my stop on the tour in my hometown. But I'm not. I paid the same price for 2 VIP tickets to the show. That right there would have paid for itself. It cost me more for a meet and greet, which is $250, and I bought 2 of those too. Lol In the future though, now I can guest list and go for free. Costs me getting there and home. Sounds great already.

  10. Would you have bought it if it had 0 untilities and instead was just the artwork?

  11. The guest list sold me and the price was right. Plus, I'm a deadmau5 fan. Only reason I got it. Just got lucky minting one I actually like.

  12. What does it look like? I don’t remember that one

  13. at philly they pulled all the VIP people way before the show started

  14. Lamorn started around 7:30, doors opened at 7. i wanna say they pulled the VIP concert goers around like 6:30

  15. Yeah that's not the same thing. There are VIP tickets. Then there is the WAF experience package. VIP ticket gets you early entry to the venue. Has nothing to do with meeting Joel. The people who met Joel, did so at 9pm, during the concert.

  16. Glad to help! I’ve been on the mission of trying to find every single unreleased track I can get my hands on for at least the past 4-5 years now. That’s what I’ve managed to gather.

  17. here’s something that i’ve been building up over the years, hope it helps!

  18. For real. I don't even know where to start on that 1001 or whatever site. Holy fuck me. Lotta sets.

  19. Funny enough I was just looking at purple blank T shirts lol

  20. Yeah it's the same old song and dance for him basically every show. For the past 10 years or so. Still love going to see his shows, but gaddamn. I don't get why he doesn't put the work in to create a set list and visual entirely of lesser played, deep cuts, and unreleased stuff just for once.

  21. That would be the fuckin dream set. deadmau5 unhooked, nothing but unreleased music. Like 3 hours long. THAT would give me a boner.

  22. I wonder if Leah ever got someone to help her out for this show? What a dream come true that would have been.

  23. Man, this song still fuckin slaps every time I hear it. I don't give a fuck how old it is or how many times Joel has played it or whatever negative bs anybody has to say about it. It's iconic. It IS deadmau5. The fact that he puts his hand up to his head and gestures "please kill me" makes me love it even more. Can't wait to see him later this year.

  24. I think it was awesome and totally worth it! Not sure if other M&Gs will be exactly the same but I thought it was well worth the money if you’re considering it!!

  25. Aww man. I fucking need this in my life. Very badly. This track fucks hard.

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