1. I would take the you have any reason to not take it?

  2. Oh hey, I just graduated from MechE, am also looking to switching into IT and I just found this Seems things are going great for you.

  3. Well my shit hit the company got shut down and now I'm without a job. There is tooo much competition for even entry level jobs..don't go into frontend as there is much competition there and don't do data science as it's already saturated. My suggestion would be to try with IOT or embedded as you already know C++ and it doesn't have that much competition but keep in mind that it doesn't pay that much compared to data science or devops.. In IT if you are high paid then chances of you getting fired is pretty high, also after around 35 years or so if you don't switch to management roles you will be job less( just my observations) as the company can replace you easily.

  4. Count the freshers getting 12LPA and then count the number of people switching and graduating in IT field. If you think you still can do it. I would still advise to not do it.

  5. Don't boil both packets in a single vessel, also change the shop you buy from to see if it's the shop's fault

  6. How the hell did you not learn DSA? Doesn't high paying jobs require DSA?

  7. Hey, what's the exact query you wrote? I have only one column named as "Token" and I want to calculate number of times a particular token has appeared but the count option and sum require a numeric but my Token field is string.

  8. It's matter of your requirements..for me if the pay is like that and since I'm young i will definitely want that pay and ready to work like that and I'm also ready if I get fired because I have earned more money compared to what I would have earned in a normal job. You can say that i have lost health and earned money but sometimes for majority of the people money is more important than health.

  9. Bruh legs pain like anything and who knows how many times your leg might slip and ...

  10. Brave of the second wife to marry someone convicted of fucking killing their first wife.

  11. No need to be worried but in case that MLA threatens you. Find out which party he is and ask for help from MLA of opposite party.

  12. For 2.5 lacs is the placement guaranteed? Also what kinda package?

  13. I'm interested in this but I'm no expert in all the fields you mentioned...please let me know if you need a beginner. I don't expect much money/ don't need equity too.. My background I'm currently working as backend engineer. Tech stack is python, kwikapi, elasticsearch, ETL using cron

  14. Most of the students that you see are just there to study and get a job..if you compare to people from foreign countries most of them are studying the course because they are actually interested and they themselves are paying for their course ( while for us Indians our parents pay)...I guess this is the top reason why you don't see many indian students not doing startup

  15. Jesus Christ, this sub emanates nothing but depression, man.

  16. Bro this is just one person's manager told me market is not that bad after I asked him whether we are in a recession..

  17. The advice is to make tiktok and YouTube videos on how to get 1cr package at FAANG within 6 months..

  18. Why did you go on the long? Because of triple bottom on daily time frame? My weak hands sold early

  19. I had sex with a girl this month, she paid the bill. This happened in November with a different girl. (Not that I don't have money to pay the bill but I didn't need to)

  20. You have to keep in mind every one is focussed on something...getting a job, making money, making more money, fame, some name etc..all things they do is for their benefit. Don't consider the laying off job as some personal failure. It's a process everything goes on as usual. Apply for other jobs and hopefully she will get a good job.

  21. These kinda incidents keep happening in indiranagar, don't know if indranagar is becoming the Florida or Ohio of India

  22. I think it’s wrong 😑 we can’t even talk in road

  23. You can talk bro, he just scared you to pay some money.

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