1. the discussed 15% CCR until the end of the game*, and the 10% CCR from 100 administrative rule

  2. I made TK Dodge work by installing TK Dodge SE, TK Dodge RE and then TK Dodge RE AE support. You can find the instructions in the discussion tab of {{TK Dodge RE - Script Free}} . There's a comment from HanosThePlacid where he explains the process.

  3. It is! tysm, I never would've guessed that I needed the SE version instead of the AE version, madness.

  4. No privileges, 31 absolutism with +2.25 per year. Do i take diplo for the warscore cost and extra diplomats mainly? wanted to go religios but im kinda always scared of not having enough admin but will do and come back to your post in my next wc atelast :D

  5. Inno feels like a waste of a slot at the moment, and diplomatic is definitely a must. Honestly, if I were you, I'd win a big war, cancel inno and trade as idea groups, and spend all that razing power on replacing those 2 with diplo and humanist.

  6. I wouldn't say 'easily', but it shouldn't be all that hard, depending on your ideas (You should have diplo, admin, humanist, horde, in that order of importance. Fun additions are espionage and offensive).

  7. The fun part of this one is that you don't get the normal -100% missionary strength penalty, so you can easily convert everyone, while always remaining at 100% rel. unity, and you don't have to think about tolerance of heretics/heathens

  8. Qo what is it you're worried about, exactly? Is it your own rank, or the fairness for other players in the lobby. If it's the first, play a different role, or on a different account. If it's the second, play quick play. (although I can see it being hard to convince your teammates to play qp instead of ranked without again coming off as a massive knob, but you'll have to navigate that yourself)

  9. Whenever you make a new mod list, or for someone who starts modding, what order do you recommend doing things in? By this I mean do you go lighting -> bug fixes -> textures -> npc models -> quest/location additions, or some other order? What are the general categories you tick to not miss anything?

  10. Wouldn’t it be easier to name the nontoxic communities?

  11. As soon as a game is either single player, or coop pve (monster hunter and drg spring to mind) the communities are pretty chill.

  12. His name is "you are so wrong lol you mad", good god the obvious bait is supposed to be obvious but I guess it's not to some people.

  13. I really like the idea of the 30 years war being a short-form Europe only age. Maybe all ages should be more dynamic in when they trigger, or even when what age triggers. Right now the only age that makes any sense it the age of reformation, and perhaps the age of revolutions.

  14. Y'all don't seem to mind it, considering you literally swarm to Salento or Sardinia every summer

  15. Almost every country in the western Europe experiences dutch swarm in the summer. I knew about France, Spain, Germany and even Sweden, but I never heard of it in Italy. Nice to know.

  16. Well, you wouldn't want to spend any more time than strictly necessary in the Netherlands would ya?

  17. It's the reason our roads are so good: very efficient if you want to get the hell out of here. Also explains our longstanding seafaring tradition. Don't tell the brits this (Or do, make 'em cry a bit), but we actually got to most of the world (Australia, NZ, Indonesia and India) before they did, for much the same reasons.

  18. Me too, just want a Serena replacer :(

  19. Make Normandy independent, and split Italy up between lotharingia (North), Vatican (area around Rome), and Normandy (the South)

  20. In addition to everything others have said, you will want to enable 'block settler growth' in all your colonial nations.

  21. Thanks. They fixed that a couple patches ago right?

  22. Eu4 is all fun anyway, it's only good for teaching general strokes of history and geography, nothing else. Better than CIV at least

  23. God I fucking wish people would stop comparing the supposed 'historical accuracies' of Civ and any paradox game. Pdx games are supposed to be history simulators, civ is basically Catan+, they're board games.

  24. And iirc, the patch gave nothing to France except a revolution rework right?

  25. And the 100 yrs war now functions as a reconquest war on Frances side for ae and warscore cost.

  26. Protestant is better for millitary than catholic, but only slightly. It probably doesn't matter. Catholic better rp/flavour though.

  27. Honestly this is not so difficult. OP can smash his way into Spain at the start of the war. Carpet siege & white peace. Then work your way systematically east sieging down the HRE minors. Austria/Poland should be strong enough to at least survive until you have disposed of Spain, and you can save them. An easy win from there.

  28. You generally don't want to focus on the big nations first. All nations get a -50 reasons to peace out modifier, meaning that you need roughly 50% warscore to peace them out. This means that in the early phases of the league war, it's much easier to siege an opm and peace them out directly and immediately take 10K troops and an annoying fort out of the equation. Once Germany is secured, you can start focussing on large outsiders.

  29. This was partly inspired by seeing how the dev diaries keep adding unique casus belli's for different mission trees (conquest of China for japan, Ottoman invasion for Egypt for the otto's), it feels like this could just be fixed more elegantly by providing these nations with claims of very high strength over those regions (would also be a boon for modders).

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