1. I picked up ghee butter and lembas dough both are fire

  2. Try keeping it for two weeks before you smoke it and burp it twice a week

  3. For me Animal Face is worth the price, Blueberry Cookies, Electric Peanut Butter Cookies, Gorilla Nut are all Galenas strains I really like. I have a very high tolerance and these strains still do the job

  4. 3 1/2 weeks the take hot water in a bucket and shock the roots and hang them upside down...💥

  5. Lemon slushie the cart or pod both great, and 9 pound hammer is great aswell

  6. On 20%day they want 176.and odd change btw Ohio is7.50%tax at dispensary so yeah for a half..sadly I've had two things from these Kats which was super beautiful but means nothing..I had a strain called THE WHITE and ATRIAL DESTINY and I mean beautiful but I had the astral destiny for a wake n bake........NOTHING n I put that on all I way over priced's rape n abuse to us the ppl...other cultivators r just as good if not better n way way cheap...I mean KLUTCH is the best cuz Josh d n others then buckeye relief baby my dog my go to..they have the most money from me lol but yeah screw these guys..srry facts over feelings

  7. If its the Columbia Care version , it was 1 of the worst I've got. Str8 hay. Hope you have better luck.

  8. It was ,but there brand goes by seed and strain, a piece of bread in the corner in a ziplock bag usually does it the justice. But the wait time ...

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