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  1. I’m always careful to microdose, otherwise going to the park to walk the dogs is interesting. Shit, which key opens the door coming home? Laugh for 10 minutes. Forget what I was doing and then all of a sudden I have to pee.

  2. Try The strawberry bubbles from them. Extremely high myrcene.

  3. I have actually heard awesome things about that one too. Do you have any idea the Myrcene percentage?

  4. Thanks! I can only see a portion of it in my phone, but I’ll check it out on a laptop!

  5. They moved my desk to the basement, wouldn’t give me my red stapler, and stopped paying me. So, I blew up the building a few weeks later.

  6. Just know that if you use straight butter you’ll end of making ghee or compound butter (as the butter and water will separate)

  7. Also when a cat is about to throw up a hairball or a child puking. Better than any alarm.

  8. Is very confusing as to what you’re trying to cry about? What can’t you have?

  9. 25mg THC, 14.4g carbohydrates, 13.5g sugar per bottle (4 bottles per package)

  10. Did you eat it all? I would take leftovers

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