1. As someone who is vegan and has worked in the veterinarian field for a little over 20 years I can confidently say that a vegan diet is fine as long as it’s properly supplemented. Make sure you’re feeding the proper amount and that you don’t need to add anything to it. Personally, I make my dog’s food, and they’ve never had any issues with it. If anything I’ve noticed significant decreases to allergens and irregular bowel movements. There are dogs and cats out there that have allergies, so I would recommend getting them allergy tested to narrow the issue down. I recognize there are people who will just adamantly refuse to make this change, because they’re not used to the idea or concept that environment greatly impacts changes to a diet. Dogs have been domesticated to the point that they’re not like wild canines. Their psychological and social behaviors have been adapted to living with humans. It’s safe to say that this is also why it’s important to keep them up to date on vaccines, to brush their teeth, and make sure their nails stay trimmed.

  2. thank you- do you mind sharing any resources on how you cook homemade vegan food for them? I’m not very fond of kibble and feed my dog homemade as well, but it isn’t vegan. Im afraid there aren’t many resources out there

  3. I’M SO SORRY!!!! I totally forgot to answer you!

  4. wow thank you! and ur dogs are perfectly healthy?! i’m afraid i’ll miscalculate the nutrients/vitamins and he’ll be deficient but i’ll definitely look into it :))

  5. what field do you work in if you don’t mind me asking? i’d like to be a nomad someday too

  6. I recommend Lesly Kahn. I've studied in person and online and I grew the most when I was there. You can google her website

  7. I don't know the cost. But to my knowledge there is not a contractual length of time for the online class. Best to reach out to the teacher.

  8. and the “salad” is usually just chopped up iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots and tomatoes. it’s like- do i look like a rabbit to you?

  9. I don’t know if I’ve seen anyone mention it- but a harness. Yes, they need a collar with a tag on anytime you go out for identification purposes, but it’s best to attach the actual leash to the harness to avoid pulling at their neck. I recommend you get them microchipped at the very least or invest in one of those tags for their collar that can track their location down via your phone. ALSO (this is a must in my opinion)- get a potty bell! Hang it right next to the door (within their reach) and train them to ring it whenever they have to go potty! it’s a life saver. how else are you supposed to know they have to go if ur in your bedroom or somewhere else in the house? it’s relatively easy to train them to do this, there’s loads of videos on youtube. a crate also helped me in the initial stages with potty training.

  10. You are amazing! Thank you so much. I actually just opened up Reddit and was about to ask collar or harness. So when going out for walks or anywhere outside of the house, you do both a collar with a tag and attach the leash to a harness?

  11. exactly! collar with identification tag on at all times when out. i usually take it off for him to sleep. and the leash attached to the harness when walking them or going anywhere in public. I also attach his seatbelt (when in the car) to his harness!

  12. it was my fault. we had known eachother two years, after meeting freshman year. I was preparing to move to another school for junior year. i remember feeling like she didn’t really care if i left. she spent most time with her bf which is normal for a teenager ig. but teenage me didn’t like that so i ghosted her after lashing out at her about it. worst thing is i never even told her why i was upset. one of the worst decisions i’ve made. she was the first friend that showed me what true friendship could mean. i still miss her.

  13. if he’s an adult he should be getting more greens than insects. is that the case?

  14. Currently he just sleeps in a crate while I am gone for the day. I have a air filter that generates a lot of white noise so he sleeps the entire time.

  15. I did solo in Cairo for 3 weeks and paid 500$… stayed in hostel (I’m a 24 yr woman and all was fine), did not take any tours tho. You can make it as expensive as you want tbh. If you want to travel cheap and solo I’d suggest the app called LocalGuide, you can meet local people on there that like to guide you around and they can help you how avoid scams on your own in Arabic.

  16. how were you able to go for three weeks, if you don’t mind me asking? PTO?

  17. I bathe him about every other week, and brush him at least every three days. In the bath, I use dog shampoo and conditioner, ypu don't want to use human products as the ph is different between humans and dogs. I then dry him with a regular hair dryer, being sure not to burn him with the heat. I line brush him with a slicker brush from head to toe, then check my work with a metal comb, making sure the comb touches the skin and can be pulled through the coat with no resistance.

  18. did u need a degree to get in?? is there a way i can without doing more school?

  19. I work in IT and my manager gave me three critical tasks to complete each day. It took an average of 3 hours a day. If I surfed reddit for the remaining 5 hours, they would be happy. So I spent 3 hours working on developing applications that helped the company on a whole, removing redundancy, automating many tasks for all departments, useful reports, etc. My remaining 2 hours? I would watch training videos on programming or, if I was not in the mood, surf reddit and news sites. Because I always exceeded my expectations, I would always receive 4 out of 5 stars during my annual reviews. My manager always said that giving 5 stars to me, even if deserved it, made additional work for him as he had to justify, with lots of additional paper work to give me the 5 stars. My pay increase is directly related to my rating. Last year I got 4 out of 5 stars and, as always my manager said I deserved 5. But I didn't complain as they gave me a 13% raise. However, I will complain in the future if my raise is not significantly higher that inflation. I think they know I will fight anything less.

  20. i don’t as i’m inside most of the time. when i’m out I definitely do though.

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