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  1. The stress feature is absolute garbage. Don’t stress it (lol). Most of the data points are meant for runners who are looking to improve their performance, not normal people.

  2. I’m going to ramble a bit, but tldr; giving yourself the space to have your feelings is important.

  3. You have to buy more Gachapon machines to increase your daily limit. The ones that increase your limit have the text in the description.

  4. Same but I don't think it's an ADHD thing. I work in Healthcare and had a professor once say to never do this when making presentations. It unnecessarily strains the eyes. Always use dark text/light background.

  5. I need everything in dark mode. The bright white backgrounds hurt my eyes and give me really bad migraines.

  6. I work for a healthcare insurance company and my department had an in-person two-day long conference/meeting thing. In the meeting, we had a prompt of “if you were an advisor to the president, what would you require for healthcare changes?”

  7. I needed to see this post. I struggle a LOT with depression related to too much seeing humanity for what it is, and it has gotten exponentially harder in the last few months to avoid it, talk myself out of it, not straight up panic.

  8. I feel this. Once everything re-opened despite Covid still being rampant, I’ve had a big culture shock. I don’t know if I had forgotten how bad society was or if society really got worse, but I’ve been struggling to engage with people.

  9. I’m also terrified. I live in a historically blue state, but the polls are “showing a shift to red”. I know logically that polls mean nothing and have a huge selection bias. But that doesn’t help with the emotions, especially when my “blue” state just made it illegal for homeless people to be on the streets.

  10. Context: My dishwasher has barely been cleaning any of the dishes for months. I cleaned the filters and did everything I could Google to fix it, but it kept getting worse until it just stopped cleaning anything.

  11. Thank you!! My dishwasher wasn’t cleaning any of the dishes, even after I cleaned the filters and did everything I could Google to fix it. It threw a huge wrench in my routine, so I ended up just kind of quitting.

  12. I got all of the first creature’s clothes in a row. Started getting all of the second one’s clothes, but then it switched over to the last creature without finishing the second outfit. Am I out of luck?

  13. You should be ok, it did this to me too when I had one piece left for the pumpkin man but it eventually dropped his piece!

  14. Thank you!! This makes me feel better. I’ve been getting more nervous as I get close to completing the 3rd outfit

  15. I’m most of the way through “The Night and Its Moon” by Piper CJ. So good, very YA feels but with good adult themes. Some explicit scenes but nothing over the top.

  16. Oh, do you need a planner? Because I've got like thirty of them with writing on only one or two pages. I'll put one in an envelope with your address on it and never take it to the post office.

  17. You deserve better than this. No one should ever be treated the way he is treating you. I see your edits to say this isn’t abusive, but he is being abusive. Flat out.

  18. My first day on vyvanse, I felt like my head was a balloon filled to the point of almost popping. The second day was easier/more comfortable and I got so much stuff done.

  19. Someone who is talking in a long, fast stream of consciousness ramble. Which I know I do when I’m anxious, but hearing it makes my brain shutdown.

  20. It's called Earth Paste, and it's the lemon twist flavor. I think the company is Redmond. Anyway, I found it on Amazon.

  21. I woke up yesterday with a bruise in the exact same spot! Zero idea how it got there - per usual.

  22. This sounds amazing. Both the business model and the cakes. But how do I get the slice boxes and eat all of the cake? Haha

  23. The thing that helps me is buying mostly ready meals. Like the stuff they sell at Costco. Having easy to make things at the ready keeps me eating on days were I have no energy. I save “real food” for days that I have the capacity to make things.

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