1. Thank you! It’s only my third grow and I feel like I’m learning something with every mistake, so I hope I take to it fast. I think I figured out what the best autoflower genetics are at this point. People have helped me out on here and I appreciate all that. So many people are assholes on reddit that it makes it extra cool when folks can just be supportive about some shit we are all into and all at different levels of expertise. This is one of the better places on reddit to me 😂

  2. Yea bro the Guild is the shit 💯It’s probably one of the best grow community’s I’ve been part of hands down and I feel blessed to have met some of the fine gentlemen on here 🙏Lookin forward to more pics my man happy growin

  3. That’s tight bro 💯 I wouldn’t sweat it at all she looks pretty damn happy

  4. Very nice 💯Left looks a lil more sativa leaning but both look very healthy & happy 😃

  5. Looking super nice especially from that weird ass spot so mad props 💯

  6. Damn she’s a looker 💯Congrats on another successful grow under ur belt gromie

  7. Nice 💯Respect and love gromie 🙏 Keep representing the AZ grow community

  8. Krucial for president 💯U are much appreciated playa thx for showing so much love to the community

  9. I’ve never done it personally but looks like it should work 🤔Keep learning gromie ull get it all dialed in 💯

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