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  1. Do you mind sharing some information about what’s going on?

  2. Without getting into specics too much, I am currently enrolled in the IFSM program. The professor is unresponsive and refuses to provide feedback. The instructions and rubric contradict one another leaving the students to guess which is going to be correct. Standards for all assignments change day-to-day. Myself and several other students have asked questions directly to the professor in both public and private forums with either no response or a copy and pasted message.

  3. Start with the Ombudsman and go from there. Be sure to include all necessary and pertinent details to support your claims in order for the office to provide the best solutions for your issues.

  4. For this one, I’m gonna need a more official source


  6. “SEC warns hedgefunds to delete cellphone evidence ahead of probe.”

  7. That’s only in the mornin’ , you ‘sposed to be up cookin’ breakfast or somethin’

  8. I love these - we used one for our dog after spay. She didn't mind it at all and it was SO much better than the cone. 10/10 would use again.

  9. This is our exact scenario. Really can't recommend it enough

  10. I’m so glad to see these comments. My daughter has a female Siberian kitten who will be spayed next month. Her male Siberian who is a year older was very clever about licking his surgical wound when recovering using the cone of shame. He’s a contortionist I swear! I’m going to tell her to order this suit for her girls upcoming procedure

  11. Tell her to be sure to do the measurements to get the right size.

  12. Can I ask what hydration your dough is or any other details about it? It's beautiful.

  13. Do you need them at 300 lvl or can they be any level?

  14. I've been waiting all day for this. ♥️

  15. Faked the camera man too. Tua is feeling it

  16. There aren’t many guys who have the arm strength to make that throw as late as Tua waited. Would’ve needed 70 yards of air.

  17. He should have thrown it 2 seconds before he did. But you're totally correct

  18. Would it be a massive mistake to date a Mormon girl? She’s really cute tho…

  19. Deep Stone is pretty easy mechanics wise. It's a lot of fun and the loot is pretty OK. VoG isn't too hard either with probably better loot.

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