1. I’m surprised DeSantis hasn’t found a way to ban OSHA from Florida yet.

  2. When you return to work, please make sure the school is watching for this guy. He knows when you come and go, so please make sure your family is looked after as well. You can't trust these people to behave rationally.

  3. If you’ve ever worked in the food industry, you know too much to be just putting your mouth on just anything.

  4. Surprisingly, when he switched to days a couple years after me, he apparently mellowed out a bit. He was always going to have a bad reputation among former overnighters, I still would have quit if he ever became an OGP manager, but people without that experience held him as a favorite.

  5. Good he as able to learn from his mistakes. A lot of managers never develop their people skills.

  6. I know a couple of people who tried that third route, and it took a bad toll on their health.

  7. A lot of us have known this all our lives. Don't let your country follow our path.

  8. Never. They just wave the question away impatiently. I did ask if I should try to get a manager to chase me with a hammer or something, to make the threat training legit.

  9. Tornado sirens in the south during the spring and summer are basically ignored. Even if there is a twister in the parking lot picking up cars, people will still try to get you check them out.

  10. I can really relate. I suffer from depression and anxiety and work retail. Same thing has happened to me. Personally once they get wet, I don't wear them again, and yes, the cost of replacing them is hard, I get it.

  11. I'm sometimes wondering if corporate America has indicated that politicians are to stop acknowledging Covid. I've lived a long time and have never seen a reaction to a national health crisis like we are seeing now. And this is still a pandemic.

  12. 4000 people are still dying every week in the US. Like- really? We good?

  13. If a serial killer was killing that many people a week, the attitude would be different I bet.

  14. Governor Abbott - Sorry there's no power, we spent the money for upgrades to the grid shipping migrants around the country.

  15. I used to want to move to Sandusky, but now I'm kind of wanting to avoid the whole state. And it's horrible that there are groups indoctrinating defenseless kids with their hate garbage.

  16. My neighbor I considered a friend was murdered by her ex boyfriend. Prior to that I noticed how possessive he was of her. Didn't seem to like her talking to anyone else. Worried me a lot before it happened.

  17. Yes, she was such a nice person, and loved life. She was just getting started in life, broke up with him, and he killed her. He is in prison but will possibly get parole. I hope not because from what I learned about him, he will probably kill again. Long pattern of brutally abusive behavior.

  18. Fantine in Les Miserables. She heard a child and thought it was her own. Did me in.

  19. Pattie Smith did a very good cover of Changing Of The Guards by Bob Dylan, and I like it better. But it's a pretty old song so I doubt anyone else is into it.

  20. Only people over a certain age have access to a 5th jab.

  21. No, anyone who already got their second (winter) booster is not permitted to have it.

  22. I think I got confuse because each country seems to have different rules.

  23. I’m not sure what to make of this anymore. I work at a major hospital. It is comprised of 3 towers: one Peds, one trauma/cancer, and one a heart/vascular/neuro. Each is 8 floors and helipad equipped. Point is: it’s for sure in the top 3 hospitals in the state.

  24. On it's face, my take is that officially "mission accomplished" or at least "meh" is going to be declared nationally, and Covid, which is not endemic yet of course, is to be largely ignored. I can't begin to guess why or what will happen as a result. I have vulnerable loved ones, so I don't have the luxury of ignoring it, myself. Most people I know hardly think about it or care.

  25. You are so welcome. I don't think they are bothering to find out what the word means. And endemic doesn't even mean it went away.

  26. They'll likely need to go through their county health department.

  27. I don't know if it works that way everywhere, but I used to go to the health dept for flu and tetanus shots when I was uninsured and still had to pay a fee. Big chunk out of my minimum wage paycheck.

  28. Oh, I didn't realize they charged. We have insurance but take our kids to the health department for school vaccinations because they make the process so easy and we don't have to pay a co-pay.

  29. I've seen and experienced firsthand throughout this pandemic how fucking by the book these people can be. Why did I have to spend weeks fighting to get an additional booster for my immunocompromised wife? Because many places were strictly adhering to guidelines which at the time didn't include DMT she was taking. Why did it take till August last year to get her on evusheld? Same shit, cause they make you jump through so many hoops.

  30. It seems to me that the system is broken in a lot of places. We have people in my somewhat rural area of the state that go to the next state for medical care because it's often atrocious here. I even suspect a lot of our medical people would prefer to be somewhere else, and it shows with a few in their attitude. I can hardly blame them, it's a backwater, and the locals are-odd. Unless you love the gorgeous national forest, there is nothing here.

  31. Ohio resident here. Would you happen to know who it was?

  32. Mike Davis? Weatherman in Columbus? Watching his former co-workers try to chase him down asking questions after the judge let him out to await trial was painful to watch but when you use your work computer for child porn you deserve all the shame the world can heap on you.

  33. Still acting like a typical "Mean Girl" when they're damn near (or past) 30

  34. Had a a mean male boss who was like that and had a clique of middle age mean girls. When we got rid of him, they were like a ship that lost its rudder. But before that he ran off so many good employees by his constant harassment, and that of his little fans. They all acted like they were about twelve.

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