I felt the cringe soon as he brought up that analogy…

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  1. I’d like to say, an analogy is to compare two different subjects in a similar scenario, not that the subjects are the same. Other than that, Men do care on a mechanical brain level due to their proclivity of ensuring paternity or to minimize being cucked.

  2. Not sure. I think Japan has these intra-company unions where the company works out a deal with its workers and execs. They at least had them post-war, don't know about in the pre-war, although Japan did try to head off socialism with pre-emptive workers' rights very early on in the Meiji period.

  3. Would it be best to say they teamed with Germany so they can carve up the world between their potential spheres of influence

  4. Mmmh good point wasn't I supposed to get kiriko instantly?

  5. Tbf Islam has lots of rules, but some people do it because of their loyalty to faith

  6. Because it’s not. I would argue it’s to the left of Auth Center. A state run economy and the massive amounts of social programs and social engineering in fascism are not right wing at all

  7. Yes, how couldn’t these historic figures conform to our modern morals. Almost like they weren’t as progressed as we are and should be deemed as monsters, oh the humanity.

  8. I’d like to ask when is the revolution actually happening? It’s been a long time now and I’m just curious.

  9. Well, from a reproductive standpoint the child is useless which is the biological reason for human relationships work. Just a transfer of alleles from Gen A to Gen B for example.

  10. I’m pretty sure there’s a tv show called “puppy bowl” 😂

  11. I’m going through the motions as a smurf but I am glad to have motivation to play on my main. (Please don’t shoot me)


  13. On some real shit I’d love to see a positivity bot for overwatch sub reddits as a joke

  14. Ngl all this to avoid smurfs but they will still find a way...

  15. I don't mind government playing ref in the market to break up monopolies, but they shouldn't be allowed to be players as well. That's how you get monopolies and cartels. Canada has a dairy cartel that only exists because the government has been bribed enough to legalize it. You're not allowed to question it, and they legitimately pump our propaganda to justify their price gouging.

  16. Monopolies cannot naturally form under capitalism. The competition as Uncle puts it will keep businesses lean and healthy

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