1. lord kemang ii (yes he is second incarnation of that orange cat) cracker of

  2. Well where i live in don't have one but the subtisute is pretty good so the original is a banger

  3. Soo what preventing you from befriending her aside being sassy?

  4. Well that why i don't plan into getting gf at this age, and i make fun of that situation by asserting dominance at girl by touching any point in their head, standing near close on them and trying to punch them,

  5. Tell them, as long you still have way to have phone you should have cps and police for emergency unlike me

  6. i showed them a reddit post a few month ago and they don't give a thing

  7. that is if 90 percent of people in my country isn't islam, i would get something slightly banger

  8. this tastes disgusting though. almost like eating muddy water.

  9. Lebih tepat manis amat, ayah saya bikin onde tiap hari dan dah lama ga merasa itu lagi karna itu,

  10. the It's the content, not the concept, or the recomended is the same as long version

  11. Like usual Religion, i don't care what people sex is because does it matter to me?

  12. wake at 5, breakfast an hour after that, school till 14 then spend rest of days either borrowing computer or playing smart phone and dinner at 8 then sleep at 9 (or more than that because I'm a night owl)

  13. both are equally busted in my country (like usual) but 1/10 for instant speed is good enough

  14. mayan sama kayak kakak pas di smk, mulai jam 7 pulang jam 5, sama 5/7 hari

  15. bribing, mas is flagged as a virus despite open source progam,

  16. 150k, i think i couldn't care less about pinching if I make more than 120 dollar in my country

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