1. The wood in the tank has been soaked for several days it was some drift wood I had had before that caused this ( small pieces )

  2. I’ve got 120 gallons and right now I believe I’m sitting at about 20-24 fish in there. I had dropped to roughly 15 and have recently introduced 8 more.

  3. I have two bigger fish, possibly 6”. The rest are still 3-4”. I’ve been told many times I should have far more fish in the tank being cichlids.

  4. Came to see other comments because I’ve seen a couple of these in my tank and just figured, cool free live bugs for my fish. Just googled “little white jumping bugs in aquarium” and the consensus seems to be springtails. Harmless and your fish will eat them if that’s what they are. Try googling and see if they look the same to you.

  5. You could try test copper levels. My loaches started acting weird/laying on their sides/dying one by one and it turned out to be my tap water suddenly having high levels of copper

  6. Goldies have a surprisingly vast temperature range they can inhabit.

  7. They just struggle to get enough oxygen past a certain point/can get a compromised immune system, but that’s good it’s worked out

  8. Minimum is 40 gallons, as an adult they’ll likely need 120 gallons. Sometimes it can be easier to start with a 40 gallon or not get the adult size enclosure until they grow a bit more because it can be harder to monitor how much live food they’re eating/that they are actually able to catch it and it’s not escaping to some crevice

  9. Ok, thank you! I was also confused by the pH, and it was kind of hard to tell the nitrates level because the color seemed in-between 0 and 5 so maybe it was higher. I used the Seachem paragard to help prevent any diseases so hopefully that’s not the case.

  10. Probably need to test the pH again/maybe with a different test? If the pH is actually 8.4, that could be affecting them

  11. I thought maybe they were eggs at first but I’m not sure what goldfish eggs actually look like, I looked it up and am still not sure, could be a possibility?

  12. Good luck! Hopefully equilibrium happens and they can reside in harmony with the rest of the life in there.

  13. Thanks! I’ve actually been thinking about setting up a pea puffer tank, the planted tank w the snails is only 3 gallons but could possibly place a puffer in there for a bit to eat some snails and then put him back

  14. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better snail hunter.

  15. Is he able to get through the biofilm for air? I’m not sure what’s going on with him but it might help him if you break up the biofilm so he can breath more easily?

  16. Are they not bad for the tank? One was a hitchhiker on a plant from Petsmart and now I’m at 13 (of the ones that I can see right now)

  17. If they run low on algae and other favorite foods to eat they’ll start to nibble on delicate plants, so that would be a reason to remove them

  18. I've never had that issue with MTS or bladder snails. They've never harmed any healthy plant growth in my tanks. Mystery snails on the other hand decimated my Salvinia minima.

  19. He’s going to outgrow the tank most likely so I wouldn’t recommend putting anything else in it, if it were a larger tank you could probably do rosy red minnows or White Cloud Mountain minnows because they can live at similar temperatures

  20. No, unfortunately with proper care he’s most likely going to end up outgrowing it within a year

  21. pH is pretty high for a goldfish, isn’t it? Idk if that would cause the red marks though

  22. I guess it’s not that high, but probably would be better to try keep it btwn 7-8?

  23. Thank you lol. I feel like some of these answers are stating the obvious, I more specifically wanted to know if a certain environmental change would cause this. I recently moved so this makes sense

  24. Idk, could be multiple things bc I had some I hadn’t fertilized in probably months to a year and after I fertilized them they did this

  25. I usually leave another light in the room on for like an hour so they have a “dusk” period before lights out for kinda the same reason LOL not sure if the fish would really mind or not but it’s what I do

  26. Do you use tap water for water changes? I would recommend testing phosphates and copper. Something similar happened to me, and it turned out to be copper poisoning, even though my tap water had always had safe levels of copper up until then. The snails were the first to show symptoms because invertebrates are more sensitive to copper.

  27. My Cory catfish seemed unaffected when it happened too. I think goldfish might be more sensitive to copper than some other fish

  28. If you’re willing to try another species, some types of South American cichlids will get similar in size/are cute and have some of the appealing goldfish traits without some of the issues common with goldfish/fancy goldfish especially

  29. Sometimes when their fins are healing they turn black for a period of time but could also just be natural coloring

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