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  1. dont worry your mom is already doing that

  2. In fact every shot made was specifically to give children cancer, I assumed

  3. Bev saw someone turned around looking the other direction and his muscle memory kicked in

  4. Didn't even know leg sweeps could be that cartoonishly effective outside of Street Fighter

  5. What is going on in the world!? A black man is supporting nazis and white nationalists and a man who turned into a woman supports homophobia and anti lgbtq folks. We have a political party who supports Russia as well. Everything is turned inside out. None of it makes sense.

  6. i still believe the world ended in 2012 and were all just living a simulation of a world built by aliens who thinks this shit is funny.

  7. He also said that he “likes nazis.. loves hitler” in a recent alex jones show.


  9. Not the full thing but this is where he pulls out the Net and Yoo-hoo:

  10. yooo wtf? i just saw the clips of him saying he likes nazis and hitler but this is something else. my man’s brain is melting in front of us.

  11. Ye went from dropping MBDTF to “I also love Nazis” mf need to take his meds

  12. Those 4 FTs were all and 1 fouls on made FGs

  13. whats stopping the people in UK to finish a game in two weeks then ask for a refund? do they still follow the 2hr rule?

  14. Love how he keeps them in frame the whole time lol

  15. Yea people get offended hella fast nowadays but this is literally how me and my friends talk.. idk I guess those MW2 lobbies raised us different.

  16. Korver just aged too well and everybody thought all 3 point shooters were premium wine when some were just $10 Kroger’s moscatos

  17. did he really tho? he couldnt dribble the ball and was to slow to get the ball when guarded. it was rough to watch him with the cavs during their playoff run.

  18. He was way older on the Cavs than any of these guys being mentioned are

  19. the person i replied to said he “aged too well” was i supposed to assume he aged to middle aged as opposed to his last outing? and even then my criticism still stands, korver is so unathletic and bad at dribbling that he can literally only catch and shoot. iono why people keep overhyping him, i mean he’s good for a cheap contract but he doesnt bring enough to be a factor in a game or a 4th/5th option.

  20. it looks like he said “watch out fool”

  21. I don't even get the point Stephen A is trying to make. FOH with this. We just gotta assume at some point Jerry was like "🤔 you know, maybe that was wrong of me to join that lynch mobb"

  22. maybe he was saying that jerry has learned from his mistakes or something. and i agree that people do learn given enough time but jerry jones is a racist tho.

  23. i just got both recently. arceus performs and looks better but very barebones, the catching and fighting is the best in the series imo. violet on the other hand is the most fun pokemon game ive ever played but the framerate, popins and constant shadow flicker gives me headaches, but if you could ignore those, violet is the more superior game.

  24. Also the no job list, and the no girlfriend list among others

  25. i doubt this guy has any of those before this.

  26. Dude has a big heart for a lot of causes close to him, especially Black people, Native people, and women. Furthermore, he does his work in relative silence which I think is very admirable

  27. did my mom post this. talk about boomer moment.


  29. he plays the most boxing boxing style. i always equate him with Tim Duncan. Timmy imo is the best PF of all time but i hated watching his games. he plays basketball how basketball was intended to be played, safe and efficient. Floyd plays boxing the same way.

  30. Wtf? Is that what Kanye looking like nowadays? Lmao jesus

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