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  1. I just want to go back and watch the 3rd quarter. It looks like that still isn't possible with YouTube TV. Anyone know a way?

  2. Oh no! People have an easy and reliable source to see how much they are up or down so they can make informed decisions on whether they play or not.

  3. You don't get it. The recreational players didn't quit because they suddenly realized how much they were losing. They already knew. It was the public humiliation of everyone else knowing and scrutinizing their losses that pushed them away.

  4. Naw. Y'all just want people to not realize losses and keep the gamba going. No good person would care for this website.

  5. I dont play high stakes poker. I have nothing to gain or lose. I gave you a real world example of this exact scenario playing out. If you don't want to believe that it happens, fine.

  6. It's a kiss of death for the algorithm. I've had videos that were absolutely crushing in the first 24 hours, and then completely died upon getting age-restricted.

  7. When I was a kid, our cat was indoor/outdoor. He would roam the neighborhood as he pleased, go hunting, hang out with other cats, etc. Sometimes he'd be gone for days at a time, but he always came back. My parents thought it was cruel to force a cat to stay indoors, like keeping a bird caged.

  8. Everything he does is so transparent now. I've gone from watching everything he puts out to then being indifferent a few weeks ago. Now I gotta say I think I have moved into the "consciously avoiding his content" stage.

  9. It's like 4 hours long, but numerous apologies are made in this podcast:

  10. Did Galfond say that too? If so I'm 100% Doug. Like if all Galfond and Berkey have is "nOboDY liKEs YoU dUDe" Doug is right to say good, I don't WANT to be liked by you.

  11. Yeah it was pretty shocking to hear. Phil was responding to the use of hyperbole in his article, admitting that it's not "everyone" who thinks Doug is a piece of shit. But he elaborated that it's the inner-circle of the poker community who think this. He unfortunately doubled-down on Twitter saying something to the effect of "how would you know what the inner-circle thinks?" to someone questioning this.

  12. Who is the “inner circle”, and who decides who is in the “inner circle” and who isn’t?

  13. Doug responded with something similar, saying that he's friends with lots of high stakes players. I think Phil was probably referring to his personal friend group, it just came off badly and sounded elitist.

  14. Srsly Srs deserves a pay increase. He’s not only his editor but at this point he’s his Public relations guy.

  15. I didn't know there needed to be a video for this. You pay for the brand, not the product, right? Anytime you buy an expensive thing that has a perfectly functional and attractive alternative is purely for show - i doubt anyone who buys them is worried about the money aspect

  16. There's a little more nuance to the video than this bad thread title would suggest

  17. Some of us just want to watch high level poker with minimal table talk, minimal intrusion or stories from the announcers. Just high level poker.

  18. You should download an online poker app and watch the games. It has everything you want: the best players in the world, zero table talk, no commentators. Just pure high stakes poker action. And they run 24/7!

  19. Am I the only one who would really enjoy a stream of the Top 6 or so GTO wizards playing live cash? I don’t care if they literally don’t talk. Maybe do it with live solver analysis.

  20. People have different tastes. I also see a lot of people say that they'd prefer to watch low stakes games because it's more relatable. But that stuff interests a minority of people and doesn't succeed in terms of viewership.

  21. In one of Negreanu's vlogs, he told a story about someone getting a card stuck in their throat and using a coathanger to lodge it out. While telling the story, he pantomimed the action of shoving the object down his throat.

  22. There seems to be a trend of people buying in for the minimum on the show recently.


  24. For a short time Jake Cody was making some excellent vlogs. I wish he had kept it up.

  25. All of the music is from Rounders OST, which was composed by Christopher Young. That last track is called Brass Brazilians.

  26. Where can I watch this movie? I’ve never been able to find it

  27. You can stream Rounders on PlutoTV and Paramount+. Or you can rent it on Amazon Prime, AppleTV, Redbox, buncha other places

  28. Charlie tried this a few years ago with another project called "Abundance". It was some kind of hybrid charity and ecommerce business that he said would take down Amazon. He made a video encouraging people to tell all their rich friends about it.

  29. I was really hoping the end was gonna have Nik saying “you’re my bitch” from his taunt to Cates from the Lodge’s stream.

  30. I almost included that but the audio didn't quite match up

  31. It was great without it though. Sorry I should’ve included that in my original comment, I hope it didn’t come across as negative.

  32. I have one that says "No Soliciting. Don't knock. Don't ring the bell. Don't make it weird"

  33. Omg pls don’t do that. I used to be a census worker and those signs do not apply to us for example. Don’t assume that someone is a solicitor just because they ring your door bell and be so rude.

  34. I said I cut off their pitch, as in I listen to a few seconds of it. Obviously I'm not going to slam the door in the face of one of my neighbors or a municipal worker

  35. That's a dumb take. He did intentionally hide the high value chips in order to go north.

  36. I've always been bemused that everyone just forgot about that whole incident. It was a long time ago, but people like Bonomo got burned at the stake for doing far less around the same time.

  37. And they changed the line up drastically. So it was just a bunch of pros, and Berkey didn’t want to sit at a table of nothing but crushers with only one bullet.

  38. That may very well be the real reason. But the reason Berkey gave was that he didn't know that it would be 200/400. This was a weird excuse because it was frequently communicated for 2 weeks prior

  39. Hi, I have worked on these productions before. Unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest into this hobby, it's not a realistic goal to "meet/exceed" streams like Hustler and Lodge.

  40. Airball was on Twitter spaces yesterday saying that he still thinks it's unlikely that the match goes forward

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