1. Timber Tunes in Johnstown is a great place.

  2. Can't recommend Timber Tunes enough. My family goes every year. Their wooden Santas are amazing.

  3. This sub is so impatient. Never even gave him a chance to right his own ship and wanted him benched.

  4. Hated it. My entire house was more hungover after eating it.

  5. What? So you get your family drunk and eat fried food and think it's the food that's the problem?

  6. Who said anything about family ? And yes the food was hot garbage.

  7. Worst part is people are going to actually be happy about this win and think we are improving.

  8. I'm happy with the win....of course I'm not a miserable fan

  9. I'm watching on mute while my kids watch some stupid ass YouTube shit where other kids talk about toys. You hear that ESPN? I'd rather listen to other kids talk about toys then you talk about CFP

  10. Bama is not playoff-caliber this year. I would put USC above them, and they got shellacked by Utah

  11. It's greige, very unappetising, sorry

  12. sausage gravy is kind of on its own....we make gravy the same way yall make it...from meat juices.

  13. I know but you said American gravy....didn't know that's what American gravy is

  14. Yes? Where in that statement do I say a 2 loss USC SHOULD get in over a 1 loss OSU?

  15. The part where you said if they barely lost you could see them getting in

  16. Yup. I could see the playoff selection committee doing that. Personally I think that would be BS but it's not like they haven't made some controversial decisions in the past.

  17. True but they definitely haven't put in a two loss team so at least there is that

  18. We don’t want Michigan to lose this game. Wow, that sounds strange out loud. We need them to win to make our loss to them look more justified.

  19. Duggan was owning KSU so they took it out of his hands for some reason. This isn't on the refs...

  20. We just got fucking hoses by the Big 12 refs on that third down call.

  21. I really hope that game was just the wake-up call we needed. Team has been playing soft since October

  22. They were ready physically, but the mental softness is the problem. Gotta fix that.

  23. In this hypothetical where OSU gets the 4 spot, a tiny TINY part of me wants them to beat Georgia purely to see the massive amount of backtracking the entire fanbase would have to do on all the shit they talked about Day this season.

  24. The shit talking was legit. Let's see if he can adjust

  25. Having 2 B1G teams in the playoff but the other be Ohio getting gaped by UGA is the ideal outcome tbh

  26. Putting the oval pathways in it somewhere would be cool.

  27. You consider your human baby to be an animal?

  28. Literally NO ONE ever looks through the sub a bit before posting… I’ve seen this post easily 25 times this past month/couple months.

  29. Kinda hard to know what to search for when you don't know what it is.

  30. I know this is pointless now but I was genuinely annoyed at Chip getting the carries over Hayden. Chip did fine, of course. But I just don’t get it. Nobody really talked about it either. Like, why? Hayden proved himself against Maryland and Day didn’t reward him at all. Really odd.

  31. Biddle (at least I think it was him, on the Morning Juice)said Ryan Day mentioned ball security when talking about Haden and not any other back...perhaps alluding to a ball security issue in practice.

  32. Seems like this minimizes the conference championship. This week the top 4 could all lose and it wouldn’t matter, by default Georgia and TTUN would get bye weeks in playoff

  33. Once conferences get rid of divisions, CCGs will be the top two ranked in that conference

  34. Except Gene Smith seems to want to play in Indy inside the dome in that situation, not The Shoe.

  35. The only difference is whether the participants are chosen by committee or by computer rankings.

  36. BCS would take into account human polls so you could still have this committee

  37. Yeah but my main point is that the "objective" criteria of the BCS was a mirage because if it disagreed with the human polls too much everyone decided it was wrong and needed to be fixed, defeating most of the purpose.

  38. Yeah but it was choosing two teams...much more of a margin for error with 12 teams, 6 of them being autobids. I get your point though.

  39. I think it's an option, but I think it's more likely this greases the gears towards some stadium renovation. $6-$8 million in ticket revenue for a game can fund a lot.

  40. Oh good god....I just thought about a white out night game playoff at your place. Big yikes.

  41. I think it should be home field of higher seed or neutral site decided by lower seed.

  42. Asking Alexandria/All That Remains back in like 2010 at Newport. I was pushing my arms into the guy in front of me because there were so many people pushed against me. I couldn't move.

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