1. English is technically not a mark booster but many students like taking it in e-learning because english is a subjective subject and e-learning teachers are generally easier markers than in-class teachers

  2. Grade 11 Functions only gets harder from here. The hardest units of the course are trigonometry and sinusoidal functions and they're usually not taken until the second half of the semester.

  3. Online school again for y’all? Which district?!

  4. No. The only universities that might care if you take a course in the summer are UofT and Waterloo

  5. This is my opinion but if you want to take health or life sci, I would drop physics and replace it with a spare.

  6. Since you're very unsure about your postsecondary future, it's better if you try to take a broad range of subjects so you can explore as many interests as possible. (For me, I'm taking 2 sciences, 2 business courses & french)

  7. I don't think there are any programs in Ontario that require comp sci or business. Universities only care about specific courses if they're prerequisites for a program. I know some programs that recommend comp sci or accounting but that's only a recommendation and universities won't look at those courses unless they're in your top 6.

  8. If you're going to university, it's probably better to focus on taking more courses or having a spare rather than taking co-op (unless you're in a SHSM program). High-school co-op is generally for students going into jobs that don't require a lot of education so it wouldn't benefit you too much if you're applying to university.

  9. I'm also taking 11U Chem. The class median is a 66 right now and my teacher isn't bad at all.

  10. Most people on this sub have said that adv functions gets very hard in the trigonometry units. I'm not sure what chapters are for trigonometry though

  11. At my school, you have to get at least 90% in the subject you want to take at the AP level in Grade 11. Sometimes, people who get 85%-89% can get accepted as well. As your guidance counselor.

  12. I don't think school boards have any reason not to do exams this year since everything seems to be getting back to normal.

  13. I have Grade 11 Chem, Physics, English & French all in the first semester. πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  14. If you take 3 spares in the school year, you'll be considered a part-time student. I'm not sure what happens when you become a part-time student but it's better if you remain a full-time student and only take 2 spares

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