1. Did the server hand you the bill? Or did the server put it on the table and then your GF handed it to you?

  2. Put it in the table. Slight of hand pushing by gf over to my direction. Totally unexpected but didn’t want to cause a scene. So I paid it.

  3. I think you're totally right to find this rude. I would want you to make sure though that she doesn't think that you always want to pay, or like paying, for some reason like maybe previous comments made or precedent set. I think definitely have a discussion before throwing the baby out with the bath water.

  4. I don't care either, I've never been jealous or insecure but I just find it funny, they say they're attracted to 1 thing, yet drool over the exact opposite and ignore what they say they want. I open doors, take coats, pull out chairs etc on the few dates I do go on, but they go for toxic abusive guys just because they're muscular

  5. This is so far from my reality. I'm a ridiculously hot guy, mostly luck because of my parents, but I've worked very hard on my body as well and it shows. I'm a "hot body boy" as you call it.

  6. She met your and confirmed that she does not want to sleep with you or get to know you further. Her parlance is common euphemism for that.

  7. People get so upset when we actually admit this. Everyone wants to believe nothing changes with age, insisting it’s just fine to have kids at 50. Total denial.

  8. I agree strongly with this. For some reason the sanctioned opinion on this is that people should become parents whenever they want, even into their 50s, and it's the preferred take even to the extent of implying that the alternative view is morally reprehensible. It's so bizarre because it seems to lack consideration for the actual children old parents would be having. Kids deserve younger parents who will (statistically speaking) stay alive and be able to help with grandkids, etc. 50 is very old to have a child. I know grandparents who are 38, which is young of course, but seriously, c'mon.

  9. That could be the timeline, yes. It's not ideal but it's definitely something I can do.

  10. It's not the potential timeline as much as it is the best-case scenario. To me this sounds totally crazy. I hope you're able to attract a young maiden who wants to have kids with a man in his fifties. Seems a bit of a stretch.

  11. Yeah most of us think they're pretty ugly. Genitals in general. That's why it's called "bumping uglies."

  12. Yep. On Thursday chatted with a man, it was normal enough. On Friday morning I wake up a to a good morning text, I say morning back. His next message, "You said you aren't at work today right? Would you like a mustache ride for lunch?"

  13. Absolute worst in my area. Unless you're looking for profiles that are so bad they're funny.

  14. The problem is he's pushing 40 and calling grown women pushing 40 "girls" who have probably been divorced once or twice and have pushed out a couple of kids. Of course they're not going to look like a 23 year old. The grown man is delusional and opts for video games.

  15. I think your experience is the more unusual one. I keep things light in conversations up to the first date. I’m highly articulate, quick witted and fun. But I don’t go down any sexting angles or “you so sexy baby” before I know they won’t turn into a giant octopus before I’m ready for it.

  16. I'm not saying I've never experienced matches leading with sex. I definitely have, and I don't permit it for a few reasons.

  17. Damn he weird for reacting like a 2 year old. That was a pretty easy going sense of humor

  18. Would you also agree the lifetime ban is a little harsh for this? Or does it seem totally appropriate?

  19. Welcome to the same situation everyone else on the sub who got banned is facing. There is no recourse. You get reported, you get banned. You are just a number to them.

  20. I get that they don't care, that's pretty obvious. But most people say they don't know why they were banned or they were banned for fraudulent reasons, like ex revenge reporting.

  21. You can ignore this. File it away in your reasons to never, ever, get back together.

  22. Figure out what you aren't happy about it, with some degree of specificity. Find an appropriate podcast or audio book, listen while deep cleaning your kitchen and walking in nature.

  23. I sympathize but you just have to look at it like every thing else on the app. You get a bare minimum of info to go from and all the things that matter you have to figure during your conversations and initial dates. It's the same for lots of big things on apps where info is ambiguous-- like what you're wanting relationship-wise, whether you want kids, etc.

  24. He’s commenting on nudes. But in his bio he says his dms are open. Im assuming he’s sexting women because of that.

  25. I see. He's probably not getting a lot of traction except for from women who charge money but that's definitely deal-breaker behavior. Don't stay with someone who will make you feel insecure your entire relationship.

  26. I mean, people are probably going to hate this advice, but you can always just fake one here and there. I'm sure that's what he's previous partners were doing. Most women do not orgasm from penetrative sex alone.

  27. I’m trying to understand your point of view.

  28. What I'm saying is: there are a few people here and there who manage to be both attractive and not all at once. And it is so interesting!

  29. I think this is mean. Yes people have flaws, maybe that’s why they have a hard time putting themselves out there. Posts like this make it hard for people who are uneasy with their looks to leave home, or have to filter every picture they put online. Imagine how hard it is to put your life and feelings on display for other people’s entertainment. I’ve met a lot of ugly people in my life and it had nothing to do with their looks.

  30. LMAOOOOOOO. Yes, I experienced something really similar with my last situationship post my LTR. He always would frame the divorce too like he initiated it. Nope. She did. Sometimes I really wish she and I could chat. XD

  31. Walks and coffee are not weird. You might not want to get gussied up for coffee but do you really want to spend a long evening with drinks, dinner, expense, and an open-ending that it is awkward to navigate with someone you could tell you didn't like romantically within 30 minutes.

  32. Haven't you also been on the apps for years? Should they not bother talking to you?

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