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  1. I started at 30. That’s when I finally found the mental strength. It happens when it happens.

  2. Eyebrows aren’t “supposed” to be small and dainty. They’re supposed to be eyebrows. I personally think big beards look awful on my male friends but I keep it to myself because it’s up to the individual how they want the hair on their own face to be.

  3. Hah! You clocked that it's a fake! It's also ever so slightly off-centre!

  4. For me the Fitbit inspire was incredible. I tracked all my data independently to test it and it was insanely accurate. Less than five percent error. You can pick up a used one on eBay. If you're in the UK I have one spare I'd happily send to you for free if you like the sound of it!

  5. These appear to be northern right whale dolphins - one of the few species to lack a dorsal fin. Very cool to see!

  6. It's a counterfeit. The zipper is one of the biggest indicators along with the metal buckles

  7. That’s so cute. Kind of like the human centipede but without the surgery.

  8. Some of us are willing to get surgery to become centipedes with the ones we love.

  9. Inspirational! + always good to see another member of the

  10. No way? Amy? That's awesome! I've emailed in a few suggestions, but, they've not covered them yet. I can only presume the MIB have gotten to them. Praise Ra.

  11. Even the mayor had bedbugs, and she was a horse!

  12. My sister’s a tv camera operator and this guy is the biggest prick she’s met. And she’s worked with James Corden!

  13. I’m a marine biologist. I have more perspective on this issue than you.

  14. except you seem to lack basic reading comprehension skills

  15. Well, so you don’t like this piece then? Because I’ve just done it.

  16. Not being able to participate in things can help motivate somebody to lose weight. Alternatively it might isolate her and cause her to focus more intensely on overeating.

  17. This is a tricky one. I started sending my boyfriend little videos of me undressing at the end of the day. It soon felt like it came to be expected and I wasn't getting the thrill of turning him on any more. It was also difficult to keep up because I have major body issues stemming from eating disorders.

  18. No.. Dolphins and whales are different species..... Thats why the misnomer of killer whale is a misnomer....

  19. There are around 90 species of whale. Around 40 of those species are dolphins. Others are porpoises, some are rorquals but they’re all whales. I’m a marine mammal biologist, I promise I’m telling you the truth.

  20. Ok well just so you know while they may be in the same order theres a reason that porpoises and dolphins are not classified as either toothed or baleen whales. And are in fact in the dolphinidae part of cetaceans (which while yes includes animals that are 'even toed undulate') but they are not classified as a whale by any "marine biologist" ive ever met.... Cladistically sure... But in the actual practice of marine biology i hate to break it to you.... there is a difference.

  21. You just said dolphins and porpoises are not classed as toothed whales. They absolutely are.

  22. You need to request your records including the forms you filled in.

  23. I’ve already made the request. This should have been caught.

  24. They did not ask. Thank you so much for your sympathy in this difficult time.

  25. It took me a minute too. Think about a sailor seeing that through fog. No wonder people believed in sea monsters for so long.

  26. I was 152kg and been hovering around 70 for the last year and a half. I'm sure they'd have told me it was impossible if I'd seen a doctor. When I go in now and they see my old weight on record they always make a remark.

  27. Is there legal recourse against the doctor that removed your IUD without permission or warning?! This is fucking horrific.

  28. It wasn't an IUD, it was an implant in my arm. I think it got cut off by accident. It was right there in my medical records though, they should have caught it.

  29. I’m sorry you’re in this situation, but I’m glad you’ll be able to get the healthcare you need and deserve.

  30. Just replying to you individually on this - have a look at the update for the details if you're interested but it turns out my implant was removed without my knowledge a couple of months ago. The nurses at the clinic this morning told me they've literally never had a pregnant patient come in with an in-date Nexplanon implant. I'm not saying don't reassess, just wanted you to have all the facts!

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