1. Nope and I’ve been using the same controller for over two years. Might have to mess with your dead zones in game settings until you don’t have stick drift anymore.

  2. That was probably our squad lol I’m the number one commander on PlayStation/Xbox and I always call everything in because why not lol and helicopters are easy to take down we usually take them down as they are flying in before they even shoot a bullet lol

  3. AZTEC!! BROTHER!!! Lol this was from one of OUR matches 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Check out some of the clips I've uploaded lol I think you'll enjoy them.

  5. Will do, I didn’t know you posted on here to lol

  6. rookie numbers son, don’t make me post my 51-3-12 i got last night

  7. Nah those are rookie numbers you got that with game pass players lol I went 60-7 (gunner class) same map a couple months ago without game pass players lol i even got a screenshot on my Xbox lol

  8. That sucks works fine on Xbox series x and it’s awesome lol

  9. If you have Xbox it’s coming to game pass at the end of November

  10. Servers crashing in between map transaction is still broken, wtf that’s the most annoying thing about this game. When are they going to fix it!

  11. Yeah and it’s been like this for 6months and we gotta wait even longer because they aren’t even fixing it with the new update.

  12. Yeah if you watched the extended podcast hecz talks about how they are making a valorant video soon. They are releasing it on opticnation first for people that paid for the extra content then at a later date to the public.

  13. Im level 1500 with a full time job too lol

  14. Yeah I love this game most fun I’ve had in a few years

  15. This next gen version is going to be a standalone game and any progress you made is going to reset and everyone is starting at level zero if you play the next gen version only.

  16. If I buy the game for PS5 today will I have to also buy the gen 9 version when it releases in the future?

  17. I ordered my Hellfire Club shirt 3 weeks ago and still haven’t received it yet lol

  18. I tried pressing y and it just brought up a translucent square and didn’t actually allow me to proceed. I’m assuming it was just a glitch last night.

  19. Wow I’m an idiot. That worked, I didn’t realize it just fades out the picture and only highlights the upper right corner. I was assuming pressing Y in itself would have brought up the invite menu. Thanks brother

  20. Party up with at least one person and you won’t get team switched at all

  21. For us on series x we never even got any of the 3 big... no gore, no bullet decals and no death physics

  22. I’m on series x and my friends are too and we all have bullet holes and gore/blood. We tested it yesterday after update.

  23. How about the death physics? When they die to they have ragdolls?

  24. Didn’t notice that yesterday might have to look into it

  25. Gore is definitely broken on Series X, some people have reported being broken on Series S but not many.

  26. I'm sure your right... Just stating it's a bit of fun and a pity playstation doesn't have it now

  27. PlayStation don’t like releasing Beta (Game Previews) games on there console for some reason lol

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