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How the hell was that not a delay-of-game penalty

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  1. He won’t be a starter after his time in Detroit

  2. Can vouch for the Verano. My personal favorite! Will be buying the strawnana on payday. Let me know what you thought.

  3. Gotta read and scroll threw the pictures. Prolly easy than writing a comment and waiting for a reply 🤷‍♂️

  4. Smell is amazing (strawberry lemonade). Clean water strawberry type flavor on the exhale. Clear headed energized high.

  5. OCL half’s always have nice sized buds

  6. I have the strawnana cheesecake diamonds and sauce. Super fire

  7. Good: Eminem’s done a decent amount of features that will drop within the next couple of the months (there’s a “forever” type track with a bunch of hip hop heavyweights/legends, also a song with one of the biggest rappers out right now)

  8. This guy just said “a bunch of hip hop heavyweights” yea the fucking super bowl half time. Stringing y’all along.

  9. On any track? Or this up coming feature?

  10. 133.30 out the door is not steep in our program. Especially if you are saying it’s the best flower in the game. Most flower costs well above 133.30 out the door…. Oh shit. I get what you were saying…

  11. That’s the budlets. Those are rare. Mostly half’s around me for 165$-175$.

  12. I got regular non budlets for less. Just did a review on it, Everyone is missing the only strawberry fields left in Columbus. And they are slashing prices. And there is no difference between the budlets and the regular flower In ocl. You can take a look, and compare, I almost think the budlets were sexier….

  13. Cool man. Love OCL. I’ll pay for fire. But tbh if I’m spending that much at the despo it’s on concentrates 95% of the time now.

  14. I agree. To many points left on the field

  15. I hope the toxic fan stops with the high hopes and winning every game and still want a top 5 pick. Do u want a re build or a winning team. Can’t have both.

  16. It's great and I love the smoothness, BUT one of the things I love about Em is how he can put emotion into his delivery better than anyone else. So when he doesn't I miss it.

  17. Better than PAC? I see some of y’all forgot

  18. Should be investigated like the NBA did with the one referee that was working for the mob seems a little fishy especially with how much money is generated in sports betting. The lions seem to always be one of those teams that are always bet on the most

  19. That's not a coach move to say in public. You management deal with that. In the locker room you tell people, "Yeah you got fucked, don't out yourself in positions to get fucked like that. Here in Detroit we do the fucking".

  20. He said we'll get an apology tomorrow and it doesn't matter. We gave up 4th and 19 before that. I didn't clarify, he shouldn't go all out against the refs.

  21. What Goff do today? Not much and we still bout won. Stafford lost us a lot more than he won. He had good teams too. The rams are a far better team than we are. Hope Stafford shits on everyone. But let’s be honest he did get a lot of garbage time stats. That’s a fact. I wish him well and in the same breath don’t want him to show out to much so we can have a better draft pick. Kinda expected him to play well in the regular season, how will he play in the playoffs

  22. Except concert venues don't allow you to bring in self defense items like pepper spray, taser, plastic knuckles (think those keychains with the sharp cat ears) etc. 🙃

  23. Just like drugs but they end up in there. If there’s a will there’s a way.

  24. We played great a showed we can make halftime adjustments

  25. Any real fan of not just the lions but football can tell that MCDC and the staff has these boys fighting. And 2/3 more years of good drafting and hitting on some good FA and A ROD on his way out and Fields/Dalton look like crap and Cousins is nevers been a real threat. It’s Detroit’s time more than ever.

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