1. Man do I want to use that pair with a Soldier Shepard in ME3 eventually

  2. Have same problem with Andromeda. Reinstalling Steam and the games didn't seem to help

  3. Huh, not a common take on the male voice. Anyways I think he's been fine for the burdened soldier role all my life.

  4. Ashley. Get into another drunken state on the floor? Also tell her friends and family members the bad news

  5. Ashley always be getting the short end of the stick πŸ’€

  6. In this case according to OP, I'd say Ashley dodged, or will dodge a cruel fate

  7. Should be alright to go right away, just I find ME3 almost too dull to replay but my issues with that game might not be your issues.

  8. I gotta get back to finishing that before Starfield comes around. Started it while I was on Legendary trilogy run just to see how the game was for myself. These games are long when you got work and school xD

  9. Nope. I even plan on waiting for all DLCs edition assuming the reviews of the game stow my worries

  10. Some of my favorite characters but unfortunately complete skips on the main and individual banners. I can wait.

  11. Yeah. Care for a discord server of a few people that do?

  12. Spaceship. Hopefully there's a faction I like and I would use its military bases more instead.

  13. I'm looking to start Metroid Prime Trilogy, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, and Pikmin 3 when I get time

  14. Yes so there might be a xenophobic humans faction for me to join. Dang I gotta buy and play Stellaris

  15. Hope I can will myself to wait to buy and play the discounted GOTY (all DLCs) edition after I read the reviews of what to expect in terms of themes explored. I plan to get into Fallout 4 (w/ mods, of course) in the meantime. That, New Vegas, and some other stuff, should last me until then.

  16. None. I intend to side with myself. Whatever the equivalent of "Wild Card" from Fallout: New Vegas is. About to be Emperor of the Settled Systems out here. Assimilate or be dust in the cosmic winds.

  17. Warmongering Emperor of the Settled Systems. Hope we can form our own factions or at least have a "Wild Card" deal like Fallout: New Vegas has. United Colonies and Free Star Collective about to get blitzed

  18. As many robot companions as possible. Don't usually want to deal with "people" companions unless they're Raul Tejada from Fallout: New Vegas.

  19. I saved up to 1.4k BBS accessories tickets once just because I was waiting months for the possible Human SP item to be announced and released.

  20. Wii U only. Hope that changes if and when Nintendo's next gen system arrives. Just don't feel like the Switch is it for me at the moment. Doesn't help that I felt underwhelmed looking at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate content after enjoying the previous iterations for years. Pikmin 4 hype but still gotta hold out XD

  21. I want the likes of Charlie and Brittany as a minimum

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