1. Funny enough Garth Ennis had nothing to do the comic shown(Wish You Were Here). He wrote the original Crossed graphic novel but in his agreement he allowed other authors to contribute to the universe provided they don't touch his characters.

  2. Any reason why? I've used them to purchase a domain in the past and it worked out alright

  3. Main reason is they're a ripoff price wise. At cheapest they charge $10/month that's before any of other hidden fees and upselling. Most competitors run around $2-3/month.

  4. Never had fomo so didn't need to overcome it. As for emergencies, they can call 9/11 or AAA if they have an immediate problem.

  5. I have one of those handheld shower heads, so soap up, grab it and blast the undercarriage.

  6. Not sure how you'd tamper with bread that most people wouldn't notice.

  7. A third of my work week is sitting in meetings that don't concern my department. In the rare instance where there is something that is related to us, it's a 5-12 word blurb that could've been a meeting.

  8. Not even an email. We use an in-company messenger, so you can send a team wide announcement as easy as sending a text.

  9. If someone calls me 3 times without a message or text that's an instant block.

  10. Know how to get law enforcement really invested in finding you? Mass murder. They'll still probably catch you for robbing a bank, but they'll have 100x the resource to find whoever killed everyone in a bank.

  11. If they're masked and segregate after the job it would be difficult to trace

  12. Difficult under normal circumstances. Such an act would be most news outlets too story, you'd have a nationwide manhunt, with a lot of law enforcement agencies willing to join in the search to find them.

  13. Those profits are from ripping off the public.

  14. Julius Caesar? That had a major impact on the ancient world.

  15. English/Language Arts. Turns out I just hated the books my teachers/school picked.

  16. "Shit that's a lot of money... I can make way more selling it myself."

  17. Sounds like a good way to split the Republican vote and hand election to the Democrats.

  18. When South Park was going to show an image of the prophet Mohammed and extremists sent a bunch of death threats.

  19. The "potentially" part, that's how you know it's a scam.

  20. Well is a chef still a chef, if he has no tools to bake with? We'll find out because kitchen is off limits.

  21. Euthanize her, she'd never have a good quailty of life even if the surgery worked.

  22. No euthanasia. The 3rd option means... Spend 25 cents on a bullet and shoot her.

  23. Probably laugh at the kidnappers thinking I had money.

  24. The Stanford Prison Experiment is widely accepted as fake. No retesting has ever achieved similar results, and it was found out the professor coached the guards on treatment of prisoners.

  25. We’ll I learned something today. Do they still teach it? I remember learning about it in college.

  26. Not sure if it's still being taught today. I first learned about it about a decade ago in college, it was used as an example of an unethical experiment in modern times.

  27. Not true. I've gotten pretty drunk on more than a few occasions and still kept my secrets. I have however said dumb shit like once creating an imaginary wife, or my often quoted "I'm a whiskey fueled T-Rex.'

  28. Just ask them. Remember for proposals the when should be the surprise, not the question.

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