1. Watermelon Ice was the worst I’ve had in the program, absolute garbage

  2. Their Watermelon Ice recently was the worst buy I’ve ever made in the program. Bottom shelf.

  3. I’ve been told the fruit acts as a spider repellent. Haven’t tested that.

  4. I agree, gotta share! Lol. The dual OG is perfect I must say. And it SLAPS

  5. I had the live resin cart of this strain. Tasted amazing, really enjoyed it

  6. The diamonds and sauce tasted like candy, spectacular stuff.

  7. Have a 5.66 of this bud, and the total lack of smell is soooo disappointing. I’m always amazed that a company could be so bad at such a crucial element of producing quality buds.

  8. Ovnr in wintersville had a half of it brother !

  9. How's the moisture level on this ? I'm hesitant to get Farkas again. I've tried them 3 times and twice it was crispy fried dry. Seems like they've got killer exotic genetics but f*** the Cure up. The King Louie I got was the best I've gotten from them. Also got ghosts and ghouls, and tropical runtz I think. Both were super krispy.

  10. As Snoop would say, this is the sticky icky. Just picked up two half’s for 240 out the door one of my favorites of the program.

  11. Buckeye Relief 100% live resin carts are super terpy and tasty. The distillate infused live resin ones are just so so.

  12. I picked up the Stawberry Cooler yesterday and can say it was also really good. Nice taste and a beautiful way to start my Sunday at work.😡

  13. Can confirm the dankness of Th strawberry cooler rosin. Great stuff.

  14. I am convinced that my dispensary is only going to drop these the day after I buy a bunch of stuff. Their last second breakfast drop didn’t last very long.

  15. My dispensary tends to get a shipment of galenas once a month. The half ounces go day one, artifacts are gone a couple days after. I watch and wait.

  16. Yea, it's decent I rate lemon dosido a bit higher, but Def in the same class..has that strong lime kick aftertaste...Def a decent pick . Strong kush characteristics

  17. I tried this strain once and it was harvested early and effects were really lacking. I’d have given it a 3 out of 10.

  18. I feel like the cause of that is with the current active licenses granted ...the state only has about 3.5 ounces per patient each harvest.....the weed is prematurely pulled in most batches to fill that gap a bit......also I suspect everyone is using pgr bullshit. Notice all the weed is mad dense....almost every strain has a hint of purple.....ohio has its work to do to correct this mess. But I think should home grow become legal the growers will get worked out of the equation cause everyone will see the difference 🤔

  19. There has been noticeable improvements in quality this year, that sunshine kush was my only recent letdown.

  20. I had a mini that like to climb up on my shoulders, wrap herself around the back of my neck and fall asleep while I was driving.

  21. Doxie owner here and she only relaxes in the car wrapped around my shoulders. It’s the cutest thing.

  22. I got a half of super sour orange the mycern was at 1.6 highest I ever have seen on flower actually but only been in the program a few months but there stuff is just to expensive honestly a half shouldn't be 190

  23. Only buy during sales if at all possible. This vanilla frosting was 25% off of 105…or 78 pretax at OVNR, less than 10 a gram. 190 for a half is obscene, but the Super Sour Orange is really great. Try the Lime Sherbert, my favorite of their strains. Had a particular batch with Myrcene counts in the 40s!

  24. Whats the flavor profile like???

  25. It’s a little sweet, a little skunky, and super smooth. To me, nothing really sticks out, just a pleasant sweet smoke.

  26. Couple of carts in a carry-on is as easy as it gets. Of course this changes for international flights.

  27. Grabbed their electric peanut butter cookies today. Super tasty.

  28. I also got it for around 200, it is definitely not worth any more than that. At that price point, I wasn’t disappointed.

  29. One of my absolute favorites, told my buddy and it’s his favorite now too.

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