1. Playing on console. Would have just use mods to manipulate my money instead of grinding otherwise

  2. Done all of the missions and activities. Only thing I’ve seen suggested that I can do is craft and use the duplicate glitch to make bank

  3. What’s with people with last names starting with H and fucking up Netflix series? Was it not bad enough with Witcher?

  4. Love and hate couriers. Sometimes they bring the coolest shit, other times they magically pull you from the roof while you’re trying to stealth

  5. My take; male V is more convincing as a merc, whereas female V is more believable as a person. And because of that, the game can feel completely different depending on the gender.

  6. Agreed. Both voice actors are top-tier, just in different ways. Female V definitely emotes better but holy shit male V sounds a lot more professional and badass imo

  7. It’s a tie between the Jegan, Graze, and Shiden for me

  8. Wow, it’s almost like we want competent writers and good-quality adaptations of our favourite franchises. So far TLOU is actually pretty good and a lot of scenes are almost direct rips from the game and that’s how it should be, not just the same names and a few similar designs but a direct rip from the source material

  9. The far east of the badlands could be cool but isn’t likely. I’m banking on Pacifica fully opening up and getting a bunch more content and most of the other regions not getting much beyond a few DLC quest objectives and side quests

  10. Good to see a classic Sinnoh lineup. There’s a reason why everyone uses it, it’s balanced and works well

  11. PHY Goku and Vegeta goes well of Fusion, Movie Heroes, and Super PHY teams. I use it on all 3 but not as a leader for MH and Super PHY

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