These teeth were extracted from gassed and tortured civilians. Found in recently-liberated Kharkiv.

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  1. The Netherlands has the lowest rates of hand washing after using the toilet in all of Europe. Was brought to attention around the start of the pandemic.

  2. We're just the most honest about not ALWAYS using water AND soap. Do you always wash your hands with water and soap, even in the middle of the night or outside?

  3. Behalve de afschaffing van de slavernij. Dat was ook verplicht uitgekocht worden of oprotten.

  4. Yes, of course we do. Men will have sex with just about anyone at the end of the day. All you really have to do is make a tinder account for swipe for maybe an hour to find someone who will do it, they just not might be what you want.

  5. Except many/most women don't want to fuck strangers. Only a minority wants one night stands. You know why? Rapists, perverts and a very low chance to climax for women.

  6. You need to look up how many Stalin killed. More than Hitler did.

  7. It's not necessarily more. ~8 million unnecessary deaths during the Holodomor, several million in the gulags.

  8. This isn't very surprising. The vast majority of presentations Millenials had to do in their life were judged and graded. Anything less than perfect got negative feedback. No skill was learned for just its sake, but only learned to be judged by your superiors. This is not a mindset that people can let go of very easily.

  9. Asking whether a person wants advice or to vent does not prevent you from giving an honest response. The tone could be the issue. They might be missing some sympathy. But also, they might not know whether they want advice or just to vent and they'll know whether the advice was welcome as soon as you start saying it.

  10. If they don't know, it usually means they just want to vent and have compassion. It means they haven't even though that far ahead and are not emotionally ready to solve it.

  11. At that point I just ask what they want from me. Do they want advice or are they just ranting? Because at this point(ten repeats later), it is no longer about wanting a hug or support, it's no longer just about empathy.

  12. This is real funny bc I am not that kind of guy but I always loved trains and Idk why.

  13. Go to the subreddit tab, at the top right there are 3 dots, press that, pick flair and pick what you want. This works for a lot of subs.

  14. We have now arrived at autism town. Please take all of your stims with you when you leave. The time now is 20 past your special interest.

  15. Not really, my for profit Dutch Healthcare and cost is đź’© compared to other universal health care that is for profit or not.

  16. Dutch healthcare insurers are not allowed to pay out dividend/profit to stock holders. The neoliberal governments have periodically tried to change this, but it causes mass unrest and parties start threatening to leave the coalition government.

  17. Healthcare is already extremely expensive and with the Boomers getting older, it is set to increase even more. If we want to keep healthcare available and affordable for everyone, you cannot claim more healthcare than you need.

  18. In this case, I would not vote. I end up with neoliberal liars in both cases.

  19. Is this for Pierce Morgan? Because that would be highly deserved.

  20. Or, we make a classification for things that are sexually malicious without being sexual assault.

  21. Outdoor peeing is not sex related at all, unless you have a golden shower fetish, which is extremely rare anyway.

  22. If... we were to do this. I think we would need some standard of proof for pre-meditation. We don't need anyone put on the registry for a simple mistake that they make.

  23. Rape is never is 'simple' mistake. There is no fucking excuse. Rape is not like trespassing, vandalism or an unlawful death claim. You cannot accidentally rape someone.

  24. Imagine one day through all of the criminal being shown there's a picture that somewhat resembles your face, not so good now

  25. The picture is for screening, then they take your DNA sample to confirm.

  26. I know there’s a gene that makes cilantro taste like soap, but the only thing you would be able to tell from genetics is if someone has that gene.

  27. Everybody has the gene, unless it is deleted. The point is that there are different versions of the same gene, which cause different phenotypes.

  28. Since almost everybody in the US graduates high school, it's probably most comparable to VMBO; preparatory vocational education. It is not good enough for you to qualify for university or college unless you have done AP classes, have exceptional grades and have done relevant extracurricular activities.

  29. What do you think would encourage safer cycling? The time limit pushes people to rush and ride recklessly. I've personally seen a 16 year old flash e-biker cut off a bus driving ~30 km/h in order to save some time. Some of these teens are risking their lives for a few minutes delivering groceries.

  30. I’ve ordered a few times when I was busy cleaning when expecting visitors. I wouldn’t mind to have a option where their is no need to rush.

  31. Teens are not very assertive at work and think they have to put up with a lot of bullshit. School teaches you to accept a lot of bullshit, like not being allowed to go to the toilet unless you have permission.

  32. Ex-smokers are almost always more zealous about banning it than people who never have. To ex-smokers it is a permanent temptation, for never-smokers, there's no appeal.

  33. Politici moeten hard zijn, in de zin dat ze dingen niet persoonlijk moeten nemen en, zeker in de geopolitiek, dat ze zich niet laten intimideren door lui als Putin.

  34. The point is, that we dont need that land to feed people. What you say is an strawman argument often brought up as a counter to veganism. What is true about it is, that if we would try to use all available land on this earth for food production, we would bebefit from animal agriculture. But the whole point of landusage from a vegan diet is, that we dont need to do that. In the US for example the cropland alone is more than enough to feed the entire population. So saying, that we could still grass cattle on the grassland doesnt prove anything, because in a world where we eat all the crops ourself and dont feed them to animals, there is no need at all for that. And said grassland could be used for other purposes like reforestation, solar- or windparks to help us with the climate crisis.

  35. I once did some quick math with the average acreage a vegan needs to sustain themselves and how much land is suitable to produce the necessary products, like beans, peas, lentils and wheat, rice and corn; the staples needed to survive.

  36. Would an animal suffer less by being killed painlessly, or by not being killed?

  37. Depends on a lot of things, obviously. If an animal like a horse or a cow breaks a leg, killing them quickly and painlessly is the more humane course of action. Those animals are too heavy and their legs too skinny for the leg to heal properly.

  38. Canned tuna comes from the worst, most destructive fishing practices on the world. Predator fish on top of the food chain should only be caught using fishing rods.

  39. I have lived in a student dorm just for autistic college students. The assholes are a minority in my experience. 1 asshole, 3-4 of the kindest guys you'll ever meet and the rest, around 10 of them were completely average, normal guys who happen to be autistic.

  40. I never heared dutch stairs are steep. Also never noticed any difference with stairs in other countries. Only in Landal vacation homes i found them steep.

  41. The ones in the old canal homes in old city centers are as steep as ladders with 10cm deep steps.

  42. Go down backwards?! Sounds dangerous. Learn them to scoot down, sit on the stairs and move down one step at a time.

  43. Scooting is impossible on the old, steep stairs. You teach the kids to use them like ladders, not like almost vertical slides.

  44. I see, I think it specifically should not be ex cops maybe with the exception of investigations solely for their skill set, cops are pretty bad at a lot of these things and have always been a corrupt entity which to me means they shouldn’t be doing them in the future even without state funding

  45. Depends on the country. Where I live, forensic investigation specialization is seperate from the (mandatory) police Academy.

  46. Yeah there are a few examples of police making serial killers LESS likely to be found like Jeffrey dahmer and Jack the Ripper.

  47. The people doing this investigation, have to be specialized in forensics, need to be armed and able to call on a competent, specialized force for backup, for their safety. They also should not be part of the community where a murder happened, to avoid witchhunts and personal vendettas.

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