1. This looks amazing! Can you link the product name? The previous link you provided seems to be a dead end

  2. Had the Hyte Revolt for several months! The only reason to pick that case over the others (NR200, Meshlicious, A4-H2O etc) is if you need the carry handle and will actually carry it around with you. Otherwise Meshlicious has the same vertical footprint on your desk while being smaller, with likely better thermals

  3. I hear the DP and HDMI cables are complicated on this case

  4. I switched to the Hyte from the Meshlicious and can say that because the Hyte is taller, it has a lot more clearance beneath it for DP/HDMI cables. I’m able to use a standard amazonbasics DP cable with no issues.

  5. How do you connect the displayport to the GPU? Is there an opening on the bottom panel?

  6. Yup the gpu i/o points downwards and there’s an opening at the bottom

  7. If you have the choice, go with the B550-I, unless you need two M2 drives. The X570-I has a very annoying chipset fan that cannot be tamed.

  8. I second this! Asus X570 chipset fan in a Meshlicious was annoying even with the minimum possible fan curve. Very audible over all the other fans in the build. Ended up settling for a asus B450i at the time

  9. Cant you just remove the fans or block them, the airflow in the case should be enough to cool the everything or not?

  10. Yup I did try unplugging them. At idle the chipset temps were in the low 90’s with no fan, so definitely toasty. Under any kind of sustained load I felt it would be too hot so unplugging it wasn’t much of an option in my case

  11. Hey I’ve went from the the NR200P > Meshy > Hyte Revolt 3. I move between cities biweekly and the reason I went to the Hyte from the Meshy is that the GPU mounting in the Hyte feels a lot more stable. The meshy uses a riser cable and the GPU is definitely prone to moving around a lot when moving it around. I would recommend the traditional PCIe mounting of the NR200P and Hyte over the Meshy for travelling, imo. Plus, most areas the NR200P is a good deal cheaper too!

  12. Awesome that’s great insight, and I guess why I choose those two cases specifically is because they can support an ATX psu, where it looks like hyte can not. But it does look like a solid case! Based on your feedback it seems you recommend Nr200p over mesh for the reason I am concerned about, it’s just larger than most sffpc’s. Currently I have a fractal design and trying to switch as little parts as possible and going to an atx psu supported case helps a lot!

  13. Yea the NR200P isn’t exactly small. Since it’s got a horizontal footprint as well, I found it took up a decent amount of space on the desk compared to a vertical case like Meshy/Hyte. However with next gen parts looking pretty toasty, it may be good to go with a larger than average SFF case just to try and future proof a bit!

  14. oh, yes, the revolt 3 seems more comfortable to make many trips, but I would only make one trip a year with the PC until I settle in a country. my question is which one was better for you in refrigeration, the rp200 or the revolt 3? which one would you choose in my situation knowing that the rp200 costs me €84 and the revolt €130?

  15. For cooling I would definitely suggest the NR200 over the Hyte. They both have similar compatibility (some tower coolers, 240 and some 280 AIO’s etc), but the air flow path in the NR200 is superior. With an almost €50 difference, more reason to go with the NR200.

  16. ok then let's go for the nr200! i appreciate that thank you for clearing my doubts and thanks also to the others who commented ☺️

  17. No clear side panel but the Hyte Revolt 3 is a cool option with a handle. Handle is retractable and fits into the top frame

  18. Yeah the carrying handle is definitely cool. There is a handle attachment for the SM580 which I kind of want but after tax and shipping and conversion rates it would probably literally cost as much as this entire case lol

  19. Haha in that case nobody ever said you couldn’t have 2 itx cases!

  20. Update I’ve been using the case for a day and love it! Thermals are worse than meshy by about 10 degrees on the cpu (Hyte with 5600x and L12s cooler getting to 70 degrees max with furmark + prime95 simultaneous for 30 min), and gpu thermals are identical (3070ti getting to 62 max). Very easy to build in, similar dimensions to meshy except about 2 inches taller, and similar build quality to meshy. The big sell to me was the handle and traditional gpu mounting, both of which seem very robust and give me confidence for when I move it around by the handle.

  21. Great find! I got one of their standing desk legs 2 years ago for $279. Happy to see these prices coming down super low

  22. I purchased a 98 inch butcher block counter top from Home Depot!

  23. Beautiful set up! Could you share a link to the wallpaper?

  24. Using a meshi with a 3070ti tuf edition. I have the gpu set in it’s highest position and I’m using a straight amazonbasics DP cable. Works fine but it’s a close fit

  25. I got a 5600 a few weeks for $240. Too bad you cant return open cpu with BB.

  26. Just 1 week ago I upgraded from a 2600 to a 5600 (non X) and the improvements at 3440x1440 have been huge with a 3070ti. In every game I saw a noticeable improvement in avg frame rates and overall smoothness. The most surprising thing I noticed is how much better DLSS performed in a game like cyberpunk after upgrading to the 5600.

  27. Looks amazing! I’ve also got my pc mounted under the desk and I could never go back

  28. That sounds awesome. Any posts/pics?

  29. I have a very similar spec to yours (3070ti + 5600) and I’ve tried the NR200 and Meshlicious. Definitely enjoyed both but I ended up keeping the Meshlicious for its smaller footprint and I preferred the looks. I’m using air cooling for the meshy and I’ve been happy with it. If you’re sensitive to noise, you might hear more with the meshy since it’s less closed off, whereas the NR200 isolates noise a bit better

  30. Shell at Sarnia and wonderland! Exactly like you’re describing where you park inside and the cleaning heads move around your car. Touch less wash

  31. I think you can’t go wrong with either unit, I’ve used the SF600 gold and platinum and they’re both excellent. The platinum has nicer braided cables which look better and are easier to route. Anecdotally, I feel like the platinum spins up it’s fans less often but I could be imagining this. Both units are very quiet either way. If you value the braided cables, that would be a good reason to pick platinum since they’re pretty pricy on their own. Good luck!

  32. You don’t need a kin degree to get in those programs, do you? Also, many psychology majors want to become psychologist but like 3% succeed lol

  33. Yup you need a Bachelors in Kin for all 3 of them haha! Im in PT myself at the moment. A decade or two ago PT was a Bachelor program in itself, but now PT is a Masters level program. Goes along with the issue of degree-inflation these days :/

  34. I don’t know what you’re talking about. There are course requirements but not requirements for Kin specifically. Happy to be corrected if you find published requirements for this from major programs

  35. Definitely misspoke here with the intention of being brief and getting my point across. A degree in kin itself is not required but many of the prereq courses are typical kin courses. You’re absolutely right that you can get in from any program, so long as you hit all the prereq’s!

  36. I believe for higher resolutions, 1440p @ 144hz and above, DP is required

  37. Miku! We just did japanese bbq there last wed which is like korean bbq but with a different type of grill I think. they are an AYCE sushi and japanese grill restaurant with some of the freshest salmon in london (in my opinion).

  38. Also second Miku! Was there two nights ago and it was delicious. The quality of the meats definitely surpassed K-grill which is my usual go-to, and it was nice to be able to order sushi as well. It’s pricier than K-grill but you definitely get your money’s worth in quality

  39. Also the only place with melona ice cream bars! I can get my money’s worth just from the melon melona bars.

  40. Can’t believe I forgot to mention that 😂 Melona bars are the best

  41. You could consider the Meshlicious too. Im currently using one and it has out of the box support for an ATX PSU as well as a bracket for mounting multiple 3.5” drives. You’ll need to purchase a longer riser cable for your short 1060 but you can do all that while maintaining compatibility with your drives.

  42. I'll take a look at it. new cooler and case is a bit out of my budget. Do you have it just air cooled? seems like the point of the case is a big rad which I dont have

  43. Yea I’m using the noctua L9A cooler with mine. I’m only running a R5 3600 so it’s fine for me and the perforated side panels give it tons of fresh air

  44. Thank you. That’s good to know. I’m for sure going with a side mounted AIO. Either a z63 or z53. So I’ll just get an SFX psu either way. I just need to find out if the z63 is worth the price jump being that it’s going to be blocked from view anyways.

  45. Like the others mentioned, nothing too special about the Kraken z63 or x63 other than the aesthetic appeal. I’m currently considering one for my meshlicious build but if you can’t see the screen on the z63, certainly makes sense to go with something more sensible

  46. I ended up getting the x63 and a SFX750. Waiting in the case now. I just need to see what fans I’m going to use. Lol

  47. Just booked mine there. Thank you so much for sharing the info! :)

  48. 152 no tax ordered on phone no app

  49. Also noticed that. Only hit my card for 152. Wonder if that's a mistake lol

  50. It looks like the standard version is mesh on the Canadian website and the TG panels are sold separately

  51. Also waiting for this haha. It's about as mid June as can get rn

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