1. Ask yourself how much of your perception and beliefs are not just inherited social constructs. If you're unable to give a coherent reason (and I don't just mean throwing around buzzwords like "freedom" and "equality" and "it doesn't hurt anyone") why your beliefs about gender and sexuality are correct, you have no right to criticize other cultures' beliefs.

  2. Perfectly said. They think world surrounds around them always. Every single rules in western world is based on flawed human conscience for which their human relationships keep getting butchered over & over again.

  3. Right. But you’re still planning to move there yes? To the big bad west?

  4. Why not? When west have already fueling the destruction of arab countries then why wouldn't I take advantage of what goo they have? And don't worry I ain't like these people who shove lgbt into people's throat & really don't have ounce of resistance to mind their own business. Maybe you guys can't calm down when thing doesn't go in your way but that doesn't mean all people have same mentality. Unlike you, we don't care what goes on until they try to interfere with our lives.

  5. Bhai jotobar prem krsi otobar প্রত্যেক alekai bikri kre dise or padma nodir panite felai ashse.

  6. Consider Europe, too. Mostly free uni, actually functioning countries, affordable healthcare, less systemic racism, great inexpensive travel opportunities... The list of advantages over the US is long.

  7. Coming from south asian countries, I don't think I have much chances to get any visa in Europe specially when I have no relatives over there. In USA I have my aunt. But what are countries that come into your mind when you say Europe better?

  8. In general working holidays visas are temporary and usually last a year; I believe the maximum is 2. If you’re looking to immigrate to the US perhaps

  9. Thank you. But is it arduous to get immigrated there? Do you know the maximum time needed for the immigration?

  10. In Islam it’s not only forbidden but its a great sin which should be punished by 100 whips for both men and women if they admitted doing it or have four witnesses.

  11. My friend, I know its a huge sin but still I want it to explain to non-Muslims who are willing to hear. They will not be convinced just by rules, they need explanations for it

  12. Stds, whenever premarital sex is rampant, stds spread in that community.

  13. How does it get created between two non-std people is something I've been looking for years :) any medical article will help me.

  14. U have to mail them through your uni email(outlook) that your uni gives u

  15. Maybe because you spelled Financial wrong?

  16. The one who has created the email has done the mistake, not me .It's PMU's email. go check it out

  17. well i go through diet for my PCOS so one day is a cheatday hjaha

  18. And you follow a diet too! Then indulging in sugar is even worse! I wouldn't reward myself like this, if you ask me.

  19. Monkey? It's a fucking volatile humper. I bet he has porn in his phone too

  20. Jutar bari dewa dorkar honestly. I'm feeling nauseated just by seeing his face. I hope all girls in his school sees this & get aware that this volatile humper might attack anyone & blame the victim.

  21. It just gives you once but the notification keep coming up

  22. That blind MC already sensed deek & started tying her ponytail. Little does she knows she need to do fix her bangs first

  23. Wait wait how did you get the last pic of zen?

  24. should've been an option for veteran players who still haven't completed all routes, endings and DLCs 😭

  25. Yikes i forgot bout all procrastinating & weak players who still wanna live in "MM ongoing fantasy" hehe. :')

  26. I started playing 4 years ago and still didn’t play some routes like Yoosung’s or Saeran’s. I just didn’t find them interesting or the behavior of some fans made me take a dislike to them. Maybe I’ll give them a try later.

  27. Yoosung is annoying af. Idk but to me he's a child & brother who can't act like boyfriend. In one bad ending he just dumps me & run away to not face it? Lie he didn't even have any closure & already seeked shelter under 707's home & started eating chips??? Wtf???

  28. The law for execution & public execution waa good :(. Keep crimes in control. Also women being safe even before mbs regime?

  29. It is a known fact that harsh sentences or even the death penalty does not lower crime. Funny the difference of opinions in this thread, while some people are shocked by underwear advertising and others have no problem with public gore .

  30. heeeeeh really? I've seen many criminal's interviews where they think twice before commiting crime if there's higher security/laws.

  31. i love when people hate yoosung. that kid can't even make me wet

  32. Lowkey I'm tired of listening to European accent & it makes me feel irritating. But I like people's personal accent from their natives more because it sounds more cutesy/goofy/not boring?? As long as the customized accent doesn't change the pronunciation, I prefer it more.

  33. I don’t like Saeyoung because of how his ending is supposed to be the true ending, which annoys and also ruins the experience for me. Also the fact that it’s hinted that he loves the mc in every route irritates me (like v and Jumin). Not to mention his personality really annoyed me in his route. But it’s cool if you like him. Also agree with you about yoosung, like stop comparing and talking about Rika.😭

  34. Wow interesting 👀👀👀 Don't mind me, I'm just here doing polygamy marriage with all these guys except that kiddo.

  35. finally someone who dislike yoosung!! this boi's bad ending took me total 5 hourglass. took my blood, sweat & tears & GHOSTED ME WITHOUT FACING ME AFTER CLAIMING HE JUST SEES ME AS REPLICA OF RIKA. LEGIT RAN AWAY TO 707'S HOME.

  36. yo bro neutral to zen & hate to V?? to me, I dislike yoosung . cant see him romantically at all. feels like he's my brother

  37. I’m younger than Yoosung still, so I’d assume that’s a big reason. He also has my “first route” privileges.

  38. Just like zen, I have to say then- I'm happy for you both!!

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