1. Believe me most people that live in the states are complete narcissists. They only give a fuck about the next thing that will make them feel good. There's no real caring going on there. There are a rare few that aren't narcissists but most that seem like great people are just putting on a show for the media.

  2. That's his argument. Only care for yourself and when you need something from someone else, point a gun at them.

  3. I hate this way of thinking... But it seems to be how most people in North America are living. The "I'm going to get mine so fuck you and yours" mentality will leave us all alone 😔

  4. I've always left a 1/16 gap. If I need it air tight I put a groove in the lid and add an o-ring. You are absolutely right about environmental changes. I find if I go to tight you can't spin the lid because of warping. And yes sometimes permanently fused together 😆 🤣 😂

  5. They are cracked AF, get rid of them asap. How old they are?

  6. That's exactly what I was thinking too. That old rubber gets hard and becomes louder with age. And the worst part less sticky aka lost traction and handling

  7. Dang , what should I do? I’m about 6.5 weeks of flower ,Outdoor. Edit: flower

  8. May be a dumb question but can you put neem oil on buds, or is that used only in veg?

  9. Yeah it’s cool. A 25 pound co2 tanks costs about 20 bucks per full. With a grow space that small it would last you a long time. Most of the problems and shotty bud I see here is a result of someone relying on not spending money on the cheap stuff that really makes a difference. Like co2. It’s the smallest expense in both of my grows.

  10. So with you my guy! First get temperature and humidity conditions good, day and night if there is night. Spend the money on air conditioning/heating humidification/dehumidification. Then look at your lights and don't cheep out get some good led or cmh lights preferred led for heat reasons. Then get into co2! The first two goals should cost almost a grand to get set up real nice in a 4x4 space! Co2 makes a big difference when all other conditions are ideal. Once co2 is implemented you can increase light output and get more yield from your girls. Then more air conditioning is ultimately required aswell. A difference is made but not for no to little cost. Having a high tech grow cost money but you get fire as a result!!!!!!!

  11. They started to sprout within a couple days. Can’t my mycelium not grow in these conditions? Anyone know of any techniques that can help me so they don’t do this?

  12. A 2hr 15psi pressure cook will leave them lifeless and ready for inoculation👍👍👍👍(must let cool to room temp first lol)

  13. That's wicked cool! Probably used to be a tree there and the mushroom mycelium is feeding on the rotting roots.

  14. Ground finer and packed less - staying lit for two hits so it’s better but still not right. Others are saying I’m still too wet and I’m thinking they may be on to something.

  15. 62%RH is the sweet spot. Good flavor/smoke humidity and works for anything from bongs to blunts.

  16. The button to open the map doesn't close the map

  17. I would be okay if they changed this in an update 👍👍👍. I can't even begin to count how many "come on man"s this has accounted for in my play through lol

  18. Put a bag over it and cut it down. The bag will help keep the pollen away from your other plants

  19. Good to know i heard the same from other home growers i know in person . They ran coco 2.6 -2.8 no problems. Soil is like 1.2 - 1.6 max feom what ive been told before u burn the plants.

  20. The ec levels have a lot to do with how often you water in coco. I do high frequency fertigation. Watering with mixed nutrients 3-6 times a day. There are big advantages to this in coco! But I shoot for a ppm of 400-600 depending on the strain. You can't really over water coco. It holds oxygen even at full saturation.

  21. It could just have the short end of the genetic stick. I have found runtz just happen. If I want 8 good plants from feminized seeds I'll start 10 and cull the worst 2 from the herd around week 3.

  22. She is good to flip now. I can see a handful off preflowers. She's good and mature

  23. It's definitely seems to be flowering 👍 if it's on 18+ hrs of light a day I'd say she's an auto👍👍

  24. From what I can see I think you should just cut those two top leaves right off. There are no grow tips there.

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