1. Gotta get those numbers up bud, I remember passing 4k hours... I didn't know if I should be proud or disappointed in myself.

  2. I personally feel proud of this, it feels like a hobby at this point. It brings me joy, I love knowing so much stuff about my beloved game and especially how to mod, test and break it.

  3. It would be interesting to see the time I have just spent editing mod lists....

  4. You gotta "shoo" them out of the cage, this may only work on certain types of creatures.

  5. I tried that bitches wouldn't move‼️

  6. I'm sorry, I have been able to coax a few mooncalfs out of cages and caught them.

  7. This video is cut short, it does not show the Employee of the month successfully stop the flow.

  8. I didn't read the title and saw the picture. I immediately thought you had something wrong with your skin. Lol

  9. Is that a vanilla spell or from mods? I got it and can’t tell

  10. I find this to be more insulting, I'd rather be given some honest words about how you appreciate the work being done.

  11. Why not both? Full size 45 platform for home, compact 9mm for the road.

  12. Not pictured... the facemill about to face 6mm of material from the top of the workpiece.

  13. 9.5mm diameter carbide endmill... just hovering 6mm over a workpiece in feed hold, it has already been repaired once.

  14. Oh... this was an actual thing that happened lol. I thought it was a hypothetical. Lol.

  15. Unfortunately yes, though my feedhold saved the endmill and the workpiece

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