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  1. But why does it bother you? Lol. Edit: And no, it’s not a poor excuse just because YOU can’t relate to it.

  2. Half of the comments calling her Halle Berry, the other half is mad that a black person is playing a mermaid. Mermaids can be any color btw

  3. First… please list me all the African cultures with mermaids and their examples… I’ll wait. How come people like you only say “the only thing that’s changing is the skin” when the color is getting darker?

  4. No, they won’t and they shouldn’t. Inclusivity saves lives. If you don’t like that then you have some screws loose.

  5. You're right. The racists are the ones who insist on remaking everything while swapping in minorities.

  6. Or maybe Young Black kids die by suicide daily for things like being underrepresented and misunderstood. So if this film can help make some people feel comfortable in their own skin, I think it’s beautiful. And the fact that anyone would have a problem with that is evil as fuck.

  7. Alkaline water is gimmicky. You really don’t need it and it can cause kidney stones due to excess calcium

  8. It has sugar which feeds yeast. It also contains dairy which converts to sugar, thus also feeding the yeast

  9. I asked the same question to a friend who had an MA. She basically said don’t make yourself suffer if you don’t have to and just get the SA. MA can be excruciating

  10. Fellow BPD’er here. Also pregnant and terminating. And oddly enough we’re the same age, too. Can’t explain how much I relate to the feelings of guilt and wishing I could be a fit mom and partner. Thank you for sharing your story; it’s nice to know I’m not in this alone

  11. Florida man known as ‘The Monkey Whisperer’ arrested for illegally selling primates

  12. For fuck's sake, I (I will not talk over others) think it's lame how the black guys or girls end up dying first in many movies. It's such a joke.

  13. It’s like a casual racist wink from Hollywood we’re all supposed to ignore or laugh at. Nah.

  14. "I'm a progressive and I actually agree with this stupid racist meme"

  15. I was just saying the other day it seems like so many white dudes on Reddit wanna be oppressed soooo bad. Calling everything racist against white people but then asking “why bring up race??” when a minority points out something actually racist

  16. I’m in the same kind of age gap relationship. My (24F) partner (31M) and I got together when I was 20. It’s working but I will say that I have had extreme jealousy issues and other immaturity problems to work through in order to make this relationship work. He’s also really understanding and patient. It all just depends. Good luck to you & I hope everything works out!

  17. Why would you call someone a rapist without proof?

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