1. Maybe Jeremy Dewitte has moved north. Lol jk, not a cop bike, they don't run blue and amber lights. More importantly, why are all the letters in the pictures unreadable?

  2. "Vaffangul! Why don't you go lock up the mulignans? They're the ones that’re burning down Newark!"

  3. DONT FUCKING JIMMY ME, CHUCK. Okay? Don’t fucking Jimmy me. There’s nothing that you’re gonna say that’s gonna make me forget that I’m fucking a horse.

  4. Yes please. This is one of the few methods that actually slow people down.

  5. speed bumps? speed cushions? narrowed lanes? rough road surfaces? chicanes? smaller turning radii? mini roundabouts?

  6. These are the kind of barrels that price on the stock market.

  7. Short of an inheritance? Get out of debt, live frugally, and invest money. Works like 99.9% of the time.

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