1. Not good enough. He needs to be locked up for the rest of his life cause of Jan 6.

  2. WWE is so pathetic. Who even watches this fake staged bullcrap?

  3. Centering your personality around a high school sport.

  4. Don't forget wear on your vehicle. It's hard to estimate, but it's certainly not $0. The more you run your engine and the more you cycle your battery, the more its going to cost down the road.

  5. Al Franken. What he did was stupid, but, he shouldn't have stepped down. Especially with someone like Gaetz still running around being an asshole.

  6. Absolutely. What he did wasn't even that stupid, it was just in relatively bad taste.

  7. I mean when they raided his home he had a massive amount of underage nude photos. Not porn but old “art”.

  8. It was literally old nudist magazines as part of his massive vintage erotica collection. Don't make it sound like he had stacks of child porn.

  9. Mary's dialogue from the "In Water" ending of Silent Hill 2 kind of made we want to die, if that counts. So expertly delivered.

  10. How are tanks still effective in warfare? When you can destroy a tank with a weapon that costs a fraction as much as the tank itself, it seems like they'd be pretty pointless.

  11. Speaking as a conservation biologist, every species is as important as every other species, however, the will to protect species isn't enough to get it done. Public support is also crucial and parasites don't get public support.

  12. Yeah, remember that time when Adolf Hitler banned AP Jewish Studies in High School? Full-on fascism. /s

  13. This is such an idiotic view of how fascism takes hold of a country. "It's not fascist until you're gassing jews!!"

  14. The way it’s sticking to the spoon seems very mucosal to me, kind of reminds me of how omentum can be tacky and almost sticky when the animal is recently deceased.

  15. I firmly disagree. I've never handled any animal tissue that looked like this. To me, it's pretty clearly an incompletely mixed paste of some kind.

  16. If you look closely, there’s a translucent layer with opaque, thicker stripes over much of the glob. It sure looks like mesentery to me. The dark spots would be vasculature, and looking at the bottom right, there’s streaks that branch like small blood vessels would. Looking closely, the white looks like visceral fat.

  17. I get what you're saying, but zoomed in, I have to disagree on all points. They resemble those things, but don't look right on close inspection.

  18. Bought the most reasonable reg I could find online that said cold water the Sherwood Blizzard (2013 version with blue purge cover). Older version had a ton of good reviews and it was on sale. Learned that quality has a cost as well since this reg loved to “detune” itself.

  19. I've got a 2006 blizzard and I've been using it as my primary for 16 years. My LDS just told me they can't get parts for it anymore so I sent it somewhere else for a second opinion. I love that thing.

  20. Amen on number 4. That's complete bullshit for console players.

  21. Please educate yourself before judging. Most of the logging companies plant 2:1 ratio if not more. Please start being educated before assumptions. If not, we will relegate ourselves to people that don’t do REAL research.

  22. Ok, but don't pretend what they planted has anywhere near the same value or complexity as what they destroyed. If I steal the art out of the louve and hang up twice as much children's macaroni art, this is not a net gain.

  23. The shooter's insurance sure isn't going to pay out unless it can be proved to be an accident.

  24. But what if the speed bump of having to get/maintain insurance was enough that they never bought the gun in the first place?

  25. Then you've made gun ownership for poor people illegal and established a disingenuous law instead of just making firearms illegal to poor people.

  26. "Smart" is a hard metric to define or measure. Additionally, the criteria that are used by taxonomists to define divisions at the species and genus level are also not terribly well defined or consistent.

  27. Oh man, I wish you weren't so far away (I'm on the east cost)! That's my ideal bus, minus the 545

  28. Did they make this with any other trans? I've only ever seen them w the 545?

  29. Oh, I honestly don't know. It's not been a real high priority for me since I wouldn't be a nomad.

  30. I'm not a republican. Drop your bs identity politics.

  31. There are so many points in your last comment that I wanted to correct you on, that I'm just throwing up my hands. Have a nice day.

  32. I bet one of their reviewers still said "your sample size is too small".

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