1. I thought hellhounds were dogs with 3 heads?

  2. The Character Customiser is the main highlight of this game and more than makes up for the missing X-men and Fantastic Four characters. Also, the flight mechanics where the right stick controls the vertical height on the z-axis and the left stick controls the movement on the x, y-axis makes it easier to fly compared to the first LEGO: Marvel Superheroes game.

  3. Yes, and I'm on PC (Windows 10), both Steam and Epic Games versions.

  4. The NIV (New International Version), NLT (New Living Translation), ESV (English Standard Version), NCV (New Century Version), ICB (International Children's Bible) to name just a few.

  5. The Character Customiser is excellent and on par with LEGO: Marvel Superheroes 2's customiser, as that was the first time the appearance was separated from the abilities. In LEGO: DC Super Villains there are more choices for the appearance with various plain colour muscle t-shirts and decals. On the downside, the number of abilities are limited in Super-Villians, whereas in Marvel, you could have almost all the passive powers.

  6. Milk Under Investigation: I'll never lose anything ever again!

  7. I assume you’re kidding. But, would you consider the last battle to be the most graphic book in the series?

  8. Just because it's violent doesn't mean it has to be gory! These are children's books. It's like those TV shows and movies where someone is stabbed with a sword and there's little to no blood.

  9. One of the main reasons I use guides is to help me choose which specialization to use, e.g. This specialization is best in the majority of cases, but in this special case, you're better off using this specialization etc. I also use it to help me complete achievements for that hero.

  10. It already is op. The typical height of a two story house is around 20ft tall (a little over 6 meters). You could default have a five story house, garage, and storage unit into the space and still have room for other stuff. Never have to buy housing or parking spaces in any city.

  11. You could also conjure up food, drink and entertainment and live in there! You'd only go out when you want some social interaction with other people.

  12. Also does anyone have any good strategies for farming studs?

  13. I'd say look up all the cheat codes, especially for the extras, type them all in and activate all the useful ones like stud multipliers, mini-kit detectors etc.

  14. He's harsh on the conservative party who are the darlings of the media. He's also been exposing a lot of corruption in said conservative party on federal and state levels, as well as corruption in the gambling authority of NSW. This firebombing most likely has to do with the Clubs NSW thing, which he's facing jail for, so look that up.

  15. But on today's (2022-11-25) front page of "The Age" newspaper (Melbourne newspaper), it literally said that it believes the Victorian Liberal party is not ready to lead Victoria.

  16. I take the $50 billion dollars and invest it; I then monopolise the gambling industry.

  17. Right, i totally understand. It’s a horror sub, so the extra piece of information is knowing that its a horror sub. If you read it and it doesn’t seem like horror, then it forces you to read it slower and try to figure out the hidden clues. But i do agree, this particular one is tough to decipher without an extra hint

  18. It just makes me scroll down through the comments to see if the OP has given an official interpretation.

  19. Try to get 100%. I don't consider a LEGO game completed unless it is 100%.

  20. From lack of hygiene due to the reusable containers not being washed properly!

  21. You should have charged him interest on that £200 for the 3 months!

  22. If you guys were staying overnight, why did your dad have to be the designated driver and not drink? You guys could have slept it off until the next morning.

  23. Nope, that's why we Protestants exist today. If he had reformed the Catholic church, there wouldn't be any need for us Protestants.

  24. Christianity has directly led to unimaginable amounts of harm over the years and continues to have a strong correlation with deeply socially harmful attitudes. I have no problem with people practicing their religion but I think it's absolutely worth encouraging them to critically examine their beliefs.

  25. He probably knew that some people would still refuse to believe and claim that it was an imposter impersonating Jesus. I mean before his death, he showed miracle after miracle and the Pharisees who knew the Bible (Old Testament) should have recognised the signs but they didn't, he knew that not even his resurrection would convince them.

  26. I know that this isn’t a debate page, but I wanted to share the possibility that by being inclusive (as Jesus was) and being open to the possibility the acceptance of those we don’t understand might be how someone gets closer to God.

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