1. If melee are training you, kite them. Make them los their healer. Lots of melee just tunnel and will chase you were ever you go. When they are lining their heals, you can double stun into hunt, essence break blade dance. If that doesn't kill, you can throw your cage fear rotation on the enemy healer to net even more pressure. On the off chance they don't follow and back off, then you can attack. If they swap to you again, run them on the enemy healer and cleave their team.

  2. TOTAL buttons, prob demon hunter. It has two specs that doesn't have a ton of bloat.

  3. Prot pallies routinely heal for as much or more than healers

  4. They could in other patches. This season, they are cool down trading to keep their team alive. Outside of wings, wog heals for nothing.

  5. Ok so they channel dominate on the mobs. Those mobs have 100% increased dmg and health, until the dominates get interrupted. I mainly run with friends, but I always tell them I'm going to interruptskull(the furthest back) so they can all get some even cleave. They have to focus skull with kicks only only. Around 50%, I'll throw a silence sigil on thee group. This will cut their health down a smidge, and then we just control them until they die.

  6. We had a system like that, and it was unfun. Sanctum had "tier" gems with a set that only worked in raid. Sure the gems worked individually outside the raid, but never the set bonus. It felt like trash to have power be restricted to just the raid. Some tier sets are even more exciting to use in dungeon settings as well, so why limit the fun?

  7. Let me correct you. The system was unfun FOR RAIDERS because they no longer had an extra thing to hold over the players who dont raid.

  8. Holy.... what did I just read? People raid just so they can gatekeep players in other areas of the game???? It's such a poor mentality to have man. I don't know what your ultimate goal as far as m+, but if your aim is to climb as high as you can, here some friendly advice.

  9. If your looking for a guild for PVE, I'd honestly check out the recruitment

  10. He isn't wrong. Elysian is much better. Aoe ON-DEMAND burst. 3 souls to heal from(4 if talented). 3/4 souls consume means a full fury bar. You pair that with essence break or the hunt for burst. Fodder is Rng. I've gone through entire arena games in shadowlands where I didn't get a single demon proc. Now that it can't crit and the heal is reduced, no point to take it.

  11. The only limitation is group size( can't be bigger than 5) and I think cross faction(this im not too sure of. You can't cross group to QUEUE for random dungeons, but you can join a group and QUEUE for Rated Battlegrounds)

  12. Boomkin-prob your best bet. It's definitely the most versatile class and spec. Shadowlands will prob be the height of boomkin(looking at convoke), but they are still strong in team fights with their cc. They can also run with a rogue to go out and ninja bases if your team is coming up short on bases.

  13. Rogues will always be one of the best class in RBGS because of stealth. Their role in the team depends on the map, but they can provide a strong influence on the match.

  14. how's the outright damage mitigation on dh? i'm very intrigued by the class, but i worry about having an annoying rotation to maintain active damage mitigation. any chance you can speak to that?

  15. As of shadowlands, dh dmg mitigation has been good. Normally first patch is rough for survival. Based on it current kit, It's looking strong. You spin demon spikes(which has more uptime thanks to feed the demon), maintain frailty. You have fiery brand for single target defensive, or aoe if you talent into it. Fel dev for a mini meta and heal, and meta for a big cd. Worst comes to worst, we can always kite tank

  16. Guardian by far. Rotation moonfire-> thrash->mangle. If it's aoe, you swipe in between waiting on abilities. Single it's moonfire instead of swipe. Dump rage into Ironfur. Enjoy watching shows on your second monitor

  17. Press your buttons. Everyone on your team is guilty of that. No tremor vs. A priest. No aoe fear from warrior. When you were sitting the fear the mage casted poly on you. You sacred shield and got sheeped. Needed sac there. Trinket and tank sac, then you got cloned( which is fine here). Came out of cc so you healed and lined(also fine). But you didn't press hoj on a single person, and you didn't judge a single person. Even at the end when you had sac, you just let the shammy die.. buttons are good. Just got to press them

  18. OK, if prepatch resets your score, like everyone else said, the 25th. But with this blizz post :

  19. I quit about 6 or 7 months ago. What major has changed since then?

  20. No more dungeon tuning orbs(the 3 arena ones still exist) 2 more dungeons. Mutated dungeons. Pvp level system, and currency. Azoth cost for traveling significantly reduced. Storage transfer between cities is free. Blunderbuss has been added, I struments have been added. Alot of little fixes here and there. A little more gold payout for doing daily activities. I just know alot of the issues I had with back before I quit has been fixed. Honestly looking more forward to the new patch launch here than Wotlk classic.

  21. 311 is the maximum item level of gear from only the last two bosses in the current raid tier, and that gear has maybe a 1/5 chance of dropping from each boss, at most (but almost never from both), and then probably another 50-75+ chance of getting a 311 item in your Great Vault every week, once per week. Even if you could gear every item slot from the last two bosses (which I don't think you can), and got guaranteed two 311 items per week (1 from Vault and 1 from raid, incredibly unlikely), it would still take 8-9 weeks of playing the hardest content available.

  22. Small correction. PVP gear ilvl in PvE only goes until a max of 301. It will scale to 311 in pvp, but outside a 2400 player will have 301 gear.

  23. Pretty much move on, it's not worth to waste your time if they are just going to flame you.

  24. Looking at a 285 old warrior soul. A normal fated drop from a boss not available to show he indeed got it from bugged quest. Eu or US?

  25. I heard something about lfr being the trigger. I've done full heroic, 7/10 mythic and only have 10

  26. If you have the Flux to support it, I'd suggest making them now. The creation catalyst should have stored any charges you didn't use going into next

  27. The two sets of gear will be fine. You're also comparing a fresh ilvl, vs. the high end ilvl for the third season. IF Dragonlands system was applied to shadowlands, our first season would have looked something like this:

  28. They confirmed the upgrades will affect PvE ilvls of the items, so there's one incentive to upgrade.

  29. Dude the guide even says agi>haste>=vers>crit>mast. Below the paragraph you linked, the author even talks about crit only giving a miniscule amount dps, but we lose a ton of defensive benefit. Everyone is stacking vers/haste because vers gives us flat dmg reduction. Haste gives us faster GCD, demon spike, immolation, and fracture cd reduction. Theres no set number to hit, but you want to try and not go over 30% in any one area because you start losing value when you go over the soft cap.

  30. It is fixed. Sometime between last season and this one it suddenly started to work

  31. "Play a real class...." says the guy who can turn invisible and controls the fight

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