1. I have 100% record but I hate it I hope I could stop a game I don’t enjoy like ff8 and tales of Zestiria

  2. It’s fine but let’s talk about Usopp it feels he didn’t receive anything for years now

  3. Yes but it’s goofy and not for everyone tbh

  4. Even more unpopular when people try to ship strawhats with each other when Oda has very clearly and sternly told people again and again there will not be any romance at all within people on the crew

  5. Bro chill lol. Why is everybody so mad about them

  6. But I love the dividing it’s let us explore the island more and more crew interaction

  7. Watch one pace it’s faster and a better experience overall

  8. Trying to control damage I think, they lost Big mom and half the crew haven’t returned yet and he is the leading man after big mom

  9. I thought he already have the adorable adorable fruit

  10. Blackbeard in giant island and Im in holy land

  11. What are you talking about, there anything to suggest he stopped caring

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