1. I get this problem from time to time wherein i’m unable to find anyone in pvp/coop as long as i’m on my home wifi. What works for me is to reset my network settings - on ios, go to settings and search for “reset network”, press reset then reset network settings.

  2. I had the same problem try everything like the other guy thank you so much

  3. I have the same issue, but dont use IOS. what i do on Android?

  4. UL Goku Leaderslot, UL Gogeta and LL Super Vegito. Your Bench should be Saiyans/Fusions Buffs

  5. I used max star defence red vegito, green kefla four stars and seven stars yellow vegito as bench

  6. You can fix this problem by going into settings and clicking. Reset > Reset Network settings > put your phones passcode in and then click The option reset network settings and then you can play again. This is the way to do it for IOS I don’t know about android

  7. Hope it turns out the way you want it to and even if it doesn't don't give up 👍

  8. Illumix I need your help I installed your awesome AR game and at first I thought it was cool but then freddy stole my cat in real life while I was forced to watch through my phone screen please help what do I do

  9. This so cool I will be getting procreate and I can’t wait to get started making art like this

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