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  1. Sonia Braga is such a big deal in Brazil (as she should, she's awesome) that I actually convinced my husband to watch SATC because she was in it.

  2. I really don't understand how she could be real. Phoebe is weird and has a mysterious past, yes, but she is pretty open with her friends, specially Joey and even he didn't know it. Also they used to come over at her place and there's no sign of someone living with her. Phoebe liked living alone (remember her admitting that she likes to be naked at home? And that was in the episode in Vegas, just before she started talking about Denise) and she probably didn't want to live with Rachel at that point. She wasn't real, Phoebe even made up stories about her to Ross. The scene where she looks surprised at the possibility of her being Santa Claus is just a silly joke and I don't think it undermines whole dialogues from previous episodes.

  3. Please, we all know his best hairstyle is the Prince Charming wig he got that one time.

  4. The writers had no idea how to write about education/teaching so a lot of the content around Jess’s job is unrealistic. Where is all the grading and planning she would have to do outside of school? The episode where all the middle school teachers (and the nurse for some reason?) pitch a field trip for the whole school drives me NUTS 😂 That is not even remotely how field trips get decided!

  5. Jess's career makes me so mad. It doesn't make any sense, I always caught myself thinking "doesn't she have tests to grade? How does she have time for all of this?". It would be easy to show this part of the job and it could even be funny seeing her trying to do some planning and the guys doing some shenanigans in the background. But her job only exists when she's physically at school, which I think is how many people see a teacher's job anyway, but it's far from reality. I also don't understand why she'd like to be a principal, it doesn't seem right for her. It's like the writers just assumed that being a principal is the next step for a teacher so they made her one, but those are very different jobs

  6. I also love Cam's character. His scene in the pilot where he introduces Lily to the family like in The Lion King is what actually sold me on the show. I'm willing to let a few moments pass by here and there because they are funny and it is a sitcom after all (I don't mind the soap statue for example), but they did go too far at the end (the pretend break up thing) and it makes me kind of sad, because he was so lovable.

  7. Eu detesto usar máscara por n motivos, mas ainda é melhor do que pegar covid. Tenho usado sempre, exceto ao ar livre em locais vazios. Achei que a essa altura já estaríamos superando a necessidade de máscara, mas parece que não termina tão cedo. Alguém sabe dizer a previsão pra o fim dessa época?

  8. Pessoal do meu trampo vive falando bem do Foro de Terezina da revista Piauí se vc gostar de política.

  9. Foro de Teresina tem um nível muito alto de análise política e ainda tem a melhor música de abertura.

  10. Caraca, um mercado 24 horas no centro de São Paulo? Mano, vira um point de assalto né não? Alguém sabe como funciona a segurança?

  11. Tem um oxxo em frente ao largo São Francisco e eles fecham às 22h. Não lembro se era 24h antes, mas agora os riscos com certeza ficaram maiores e eles fecham mais cedo.

  12. Tem uma saída do metrô que fica bem perto do Poupatempo, praticamente em frente. É só seguir a placa escrito "Poupatempo" na estação Sé. Quanto a foto, que eu saiba todos os lugares fazem na hora, uma foto já digital. A última vez que fiz meu RG foi no começo de 2020, na Sé mesmo, e tirei a foto lá dentro. Mas geralmente tem essas informações no próprio site ou chegando lá.

  13. O fato de que isso vira discussão é só prova que não superamos ainda esse problema. Acho muito legal discutir sobre a estética propriamente (particularmente não gostei do cropped, mas ela estava com um vestido curto de mangas longas que ficou muito bem), mas não faz o menor sentido colocar isso na conta de assédio. Ela não fez nada de errado. Futebol também não é ocasião formal com código de vestimenta rígido, não entendo a questão.

  14. She literally calls Russel's car the Batmobile or similar to it when they break up, yet she can't call it the Batmobile later on.

  15. I loved it too! It is, of course, a silly premise (just like the first one) but it was so glamorous and fun. I just love the playing with cliches. My favorite was Pip turning into a cat because they were evil now. So great!

  16. In my experience the only people who are called by their last names are some teachers or professors or people with different/ uncommon last names. Otherwise it's always a first name thing.

  17. Underbaked, underproofed, overproofed, curdled, burnt, overpower, soggy bottom, ready steady bake, handshake...

  18. Uma série pra ver, rir e refletir: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Quase deixei de assistir pelo título sexista, mas é justamente uma ironia no título.

  19. Nossa, é tão difícil achar gente que gosta dessa série! O título realmente afasta muito gente, mas a desconstrução do papel feminino da ex louca é muito bem feito. Concordo que a representatividade é um ponto alto da série, é uma espécie de local utópico em que essas diferenças não afastam, mas unem.

  20. The storylines were a little rushed by the end of the seasons and they sometimes lack continuity (I can't keep up with the whole Sherry thing) but I wouldn't say they are unrealistic. Just a few points:

  21. Honestly, how can you make such organized spreadsheets. Thanks for posting I love seeing this.

  22. This might be weird but the bell episode. It was such a weird ideia in the first place to have Jess teaching bells to children, but having Winston become obsessed with them was the moment that I loved him. Also he looked weirdly hot playing bells.

  23. Quem for, tenta ir no primeiro dia, porque as coisas esgotam e nem sempre tem reposição. Antes da pandemia a feira ficava numa tenda horrível, muito quente, e se somar isso com a fila da companhia das letras, vão preparados pra o cansaço.

  24. I can’t stand Angelica as a character, she is so selfish and arrogant. People all simp over her allegedly giving up on her love all for her sister, but NO SHE FUCKING DID NOT! I bet if Alexander was even barely socially acceptable enough for her snobby ass she would’ve stayed with him and tried to comfort Eliza with “at least he’s still in your life!”

  25. Interesting. I like her character precisely because she is selfish but still loves her sister very much. She's such a complex character and Renée is such a great performer that I just can't love her.

  26. Study some grammar. It doesn't have to be a lot or your only source of studying, but you need to study some grammar. The way verbs work in Portuguese is different than English, the word order can also differ a bit and for an English speaker it may be hard to get gendered words at first. All of this are things you have to dedicate some time to understand and so you can write/ speak better when you practice.


  28. The razor thing was so relatable to me. I don't know, I just liked that they had that. It's such a minor thing, but we keep postponing it because it's stressful and it turns into a huge thing. It sounded like something someone with anxiety might do and I enjoyed that little bit of her personal life, specially because it wasn't too long.

  29. Glad you liked it. I didn’t appreciate after 2 and a half min of ads them kickstarting a two parter about something irrelevant.

  30. I admit that many factors contributed to me liking it and those factors don't mean the podcast was good. I don't usually get ads, probably because of my location, so they don't grate me. I also relate to Jenna more often because of her mental health struggles so I'm usually more receptive to these things. I really appreciate reading opposite views though and I can agree they do seem out of touch very often.

  31. When Jess tries to override her restraining order against Sam trying to prove that she's not crazy. She didn't respect his boundaries and then she got rewarded for it when they got back together.

  32. I usually love Jess, but her worst character trait is needing to be liked. When she meets Schmidt's mother and is all over her I just want to scream.

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