1. I read this as “Le mean girls” in a strong French accent

  2. I keep seeing posts about how our community sucks and I wish it was different, honestly

  3. the problem is that hate gets cultivated really easily on here, only explicit homophobia, racism, sexism, etc get taken down. As long as it's thinly veiled, it's okay, and the mods and the rest of the community gaslight anybody who thinks otherwise

  4. Did Gaga ever respond? I know there's that one video of Gaga talking to someone in the street and she mentions the reductive comment but that's all I've seen.

  5. This isn't the first time, multiple characters have had race swapped skins but I do agree that they should have had a new VA

  6. The thing is, if they wanted a white female mage to put in an elegant dress, there are plenty of other contenders than the ONLY black goddess. What looks to you like a "non-issue" is much deeper in how it affects other people.

  7. Again original yemoja is there, she's not going any where

  8. I wasn't speaking hypothetically, just because you've got reddit incel brainrot doesn't mean you need try and spread it to me

  9. I saw this on my girlfriends computers screen and I said send me that link so I can upvote it. It is already the best Charybdis skin.

  10. Charybdis usually has 2 different colored eyes, what color would you make the other one?

  11. Mm. Where’s that artist that always draws those exceptional costume concepts for the guys? I think we have a new test subject, sorry Cu (though I do still want that Sailor Scout skin).

  12. You know what? I like that, I'll go ahead and pretend that's what it is lol

  13. Spin in a precise spot 3 times on Dalia Falmea's left side and you'd get 10x your current gold amount.

  14. Was always superstitious about getting the first turn in battle. If you positioned your want right so when the screen rotates to the battle screen, it lands on your wizard, you’ll get the first turn. Convinced it increases odds of going first

  15. that's so wildly specific that it sounds kinda plausible that the devs would leave that in there for shits and giggles lol

  16. David forgot about the hefty chunk of gay people that play this game

  17. How dare you make an equally funny, if not a funnier, joke.

  18. Why is he getting another redsign didn't he get one not too long ago? And why y'all making him not scary? It's hades the god of the underworld he's suppose to be scary and intimidating in this he looks like a genie no lie 😅

  19. He isn't getting another redesign, and he didn't get one recently.

  20. He has but that design is still extremely outdated, and a generic wraith that could be any given god of the dead

  21. If I saw that across me on a train all I'd think of you is being a tory prick ngl

  22. I'm not against this because it's not a good fit for Kyoshi, but rather more because the hunters already have an Avatar skin with Korra for Skadi. Assassins have Zuko, Azula and now Momo, Mages got Aang himself, Guardians got Uncle Iroh. Maybe some love for the Warriors? Would this skin work on maybe Mulan or Nike? :(

  23. Only thing is kyoshi is HUGE and izanami is tiny. They'll have to bend the silhouette rules a little

  24. Was this made by the same guy who did the slime cu Chu skin? Also this is fantastic! Should definitely be in the game!

  25. Sometimes (Eh Eh Nothing Else I Say demo)

  26. Dude would reveal himself when within 55 units from an enemy god. Them cheeks be clapping too hard

  27. 👁🫦👁 I’m zooming in disrespectfully 👁🫦👁✨💖

  28. Are you the same guy that embarrassingly advertised your own video on my tweet of this concept?

  29. "Hur hur hur i love fast cars and fucking chicks and fucking chicks in my fast cars hurr durr i love pussy and fucking women heh i get so much pussy hurr durr durr"

  30. What percentage of men would you wager hold attitudes similar to what you have described above?

  31. Nobody's lined up to give you a blowie for your spicy takes, let people live and breathe without getting up their ass for existing with a different opinion you waste of atoms

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