1. It’s definitely fake. He shot 27 times, and muzzle flash doesnt look like a small sun

  2. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

  3. I want to see these with absolute honesty from the host dude or lady and see the reactions of the people who are being asked the questions when they get told they're fucking stupid

  4. I almost wanted to bust my eardrums after hearing this, then the idea of this echoing in my head as my world became silent would drive my to end it all.

  5. Awesome work dude, wholesome. nightmare fuel for some(mostly me) but will definitely be a memory the the boy will cherish.

  6. Yes and no, it's those who deem themselves better than others and call it "Righteousness or Holiness" then say others aren't and then wage war on the others.

  7. Okay this is hilarious, I know just the person to give this....scratch that I know several people to give this...... sadly only the first on will have the pleasant taste of peach.

  8. No one: This woman: folds herself in half and then proceeds to make her teeth scream in pain

  9. Idk if it's an optical illusion, but with the steam coming off his head it makes it look like his head is gradually shrinking. Am I the only one?

  10. Now I see it and I can't unseen it!!!!! Take my upvote, that's funny

  11. Is the manga "her summon" cause I'm going to need context

  12. That's good even if it's the end of the world, sand sucks and it'll be a lot cooler there too.

  13. Yep. But there are guys same way, so hopefully they meet.

  14. I hope not they'll be worse than this lady is, or there going to get emancipated from them because they're going to smart enough to get that they'll be better off without them

  15. Please tell me there's a beer cheese slime and a beer elemental. and a pizza golem....yes I'm hungry and It's waking up the Shaggy from within.....no I don't need to toke for him be awoke

  16. How did they glitch irl? Turn off and back on the fashion show but leave it off.

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