1. Only problem i had was some certified shake rainbow something

  2. I really like that piece man! Where you cop that beauty?

  3. It is very nice, I tried it about an hour ago. Not quite a body lock, a nice hybridy feel with an indica lean. But the effects are good and relaxing, no body pain or overthinking, just chilled out max

  4. Use the mighty+, the lemon dosidos taste so good in there (and everything else ofc)

  5. How about actually describing how it taste/smells please lmao

  6. Yeah i got a batch of catfish that was the same way.. i heard someone say the oryan og was good. Is it a bad cure as well? I was wanting to try it but definitely not gonna waste my money if you say its a bad cure

  7. Amazing...this batch is a little dry compared to the last one, but the smell, taste, and effects are all 9.5/10.

  8. This is a mislabel product i got it as well and emailed them about it. They will be making the correction.

  9. Never heard anybody describe the taste like that😂.. Skunky leather huh..🤔My favorite strain by the way, great pick lol

  10. Yup , its a B1 Flowerpot by Cannabis Hardware

  11. That was the worst klutch strain I've ever had. It literally reminds me of an apricot and not one hint of Gelato. No one want their weed to taste like apricot lol

  12. Damn bro I actually picked it up and didnt think it was that bad the taste is there just not as much and it was definitely not as dense or potent but still alright at the lowered price. I think your shitting on it a bit to much lol, and i think everyone can appreciate a sweet fruity flavor on occasion

  13. I thought it tasted horrible lol 😆 it was 26% I think. The taste was just not for me. Not big in fruity ones unless it has some gas to it. I definitely never will get it again. But that's just me.

  14. 30% off all concentrates today at strawberry fields

  15. Matter has the best GG4 I’ve tried so far.

  16. Pure Ohio, harvest, and one other brand that I can’t think of atm. Lol

  17. How would you describe the smell/taste on the matter gg4

  18. Nasty ass reclaim with a 1/3 of a good dab, you got fucked dude not even with lube!!

  19. $62 at strawberry fields after a 27% discount

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