1. Forstå at selv om det årlig uteksamineres tusenvis av elever som ikke har peiling på hvordan man fyller ut selvangivelse, eller lignende nyttig kunnskap, så er det ekstremt viktig at absolutt alle blir presset gjennom hundrevis av timer med nynorsk årlig, i flere år, og å kritisere dette er bare ikke greit.

  2. Lakselv - Alta - Bodø - Alta - Tana - Kirkenes, I tillegg til rasert embalasje.

  3. Wasn’t the epicenter beneath the ocean?

  4. Hvor valgfritt er proteinet til mcfeast? ^ ^

  5. Here's an idea, get off of Twitter because it's toxic and owned by a rich, spoiled, ape.

  6. Your clearly meant to put your ass in it

  7. Yes, they’re meant to blow clean your butt after pooping.

  8. the only thing that will get in my, is that stupid caption

  9. Just wondering, is the older lady a psychologist who's talking on TikTok about how you shouldn't talk about psychology on TikTok?

  10. The way you frased that question, makes it sound like if the answer is yes, you would follow up with something about irony.

  11. PST kan suge pikken min og sleike ballene mine

  12. Det høres ut som du kunne vært interessert i deltakelse på nakentorsdag ved ditt lokale politikontor. Husk! Påmelding er bindende.

  13. But how accurately can you actually comprehend that far back?

  14. Kjøper du denne, kan du få venner med fordeler, ser du.

  15. Kukosting er trivelig skal jeg si deg!

  16. There is a reason why Christian apologists will specify that it’s evil to torture babies ‘for fun’.

  17. Another day in the Biden ministration. 🤷‍♂️

  18. In some places, they just have completely different problems than the rest of the world. Like, aren’t our problems good enough for you?

  19. Too late, Tom Cruise already ate it.

  20. See, the trick is to drive faster than the explosion. Then the mines can’t hurt you.

  21. Am I misunderstanding or what? Surely when you’re leaving a freeway you start slowing down straight away?

  22. Intelligent people usually do that, yes.

  23. Wow, I’m not even sure if that was his spotter, or some random creep with a severe lack of respect for personal space.

  24. https://giphy.com/gifs/3ornka9rAaKRA2Rkac

  25. His opinion is most likely completely idiotic, but if his point was that there are many authoritarians who are anti free speech on the far left side, then yes, they did an excellent way of proving that point.

  26. If the left were trying to get the government to fine, censor, or jail him for saying these things, THAT would be anti free speech. Freedom of speech is not freedom from all consequences of saying stupid shit.

  27. Doxxing, getting them fired. How is this not enforcing consorship?

  28. Has communist ever not been a word that gets thrown around, and means whatever people want it to mean, in any random context?

  29. The commiest commie to ever come… wait…

  30. Ja den er det. Dette ble, så vidt meg kjent, originalt lagt ut i r facepalm for snart et år siden.

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