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  1. Being okay with being alone allows you to acquire skills that take time. I play classical music and I have to practice 2 hours a day, on my own. And I am ok with that.

  2. I can't ignore my triggers, and I'm reasonably sure if someone can ignore them, they don't actually have misophonia.

  3. Hey you seem to be more experienced. When I'm in a classroom or the library and someone next to me cracks ALL of their bones , like, 10 at each hand, I genuinely want to scream and die. And I avoid them and I resent them for how they abuse me (I'm still learning). Do you have tips with how you approach a respectful conversation with someone , maybe a stranger, to ask them to stop? Esp. At libraries this is too common and I cannot always change seats, and you're just never save.

  4. This is so funny (not). But culturally we're so different. My Chinese mum would be heartbroken if I (20) didn't depend on her for studies and rent anymore. Like, she's too proud of me. She's already heartbroken that she has to live on her own now, she would do anything to have me live with her, yet here some people say the are thankful they get to live with their parents. I'm like, my mum would feel enormously honored if I allowed her to live with me lol

  5. I came in here to give you some words of encouragement, that there's men out there that aren't sleazy, were raised right, all that.

  6. This past weekend I went out with a work friend. This friend is hot, we flirt and get along well and I was planning on sleeping with him if he was interested. This is the first time we've hung out outside of work.

  7. So relatable. And I'm (as a female) left so hopeless when I feel this way. I even ick when my boyfriend is horny sometimes and I feel guilty for it. Oh and also, let him know:D let him know he could have fucked you but he fucked it up. Idk I think he deserves to know that it was his problem not yours. Make him feel extra bad for that behaviour. I think I'm petty. Ok sorry.

  8. I legit wrote a 10 page Ethical Comms paper in about 3 hours lol. Never spent more than a single day on any paper in college.

  9. Wow what and wherevdid you study? I need to do all the readings (takes 3 hours per paper alone sometimes), then my own experiment sometimes, sometimes a survey or more research, and then start writing

  10. You need to determine if you want a commited relationship and future with this guy or if you want to run and be free and do whatever you want. From the sounds of this post you have an attachment to him but you dont want to stay with him forever so why force it? You want to go out not tied down to anyone thays fine then end your relationship, go be free and see what happens in the future. You seem to want him around as support but thats it and its not fair for him to he on stand by for 6+ months for you to figure yourself out.

  11. I totally understand. I think it's fair to say that we try long-distance and hope that it works. I don't want to tie myself to him now and I don't like that he is more committed to me than I am committed to him. I don't expect him to be there waiting for me, but if he loves me and the relationship is solid, then it should survive that, huh? I mean, if a relationship breaks 6 months apart, then what's it worth? I don't get it.

  12. thank you. he said he would have to think about it if long distance would work for him. he seese the possibility that he might need the "permission" to date other women as well (maybe). After his logic, if I'm okay to leave the relationship for 6 months or freeze it, then what if he waits for 6 months, and I come back being a totally different person with different goals and values and he wasted 6 months waiting for me? Which I understand because I'm still figuring my life and values out. But still. Thanks for confirming I know what I need, that's really encouraging.

  13. the comments are so rude to you. Thank you for posting this. Maybe what people commented is correct, doesn't mean it's helpful. Your child will always see himself as a half-black half-white person. No matter how you look from the outside, you can't change your heart. I understand your frustration about other people's perceptions. Yes, it is bothering not to be seen as who you are but as how you look.

  14. It's her house. I disagree with her reasoning but ultimately it's down to her.

  15. We would celebrate at my brother's place 500km away from her house in his apartment (that, true, she pays for)

  16. Dude knows what he's doing and I'm here for it. THIS is attractive, fellas.

  17. Girl, thank you for sharing yourself. You're so brave. Your text was so relatable in multiple layers. How many women do I have on my mind to who this applies... Thank you for putting the un-mentionable into words. Maybe you need someone who also has PTSD, or at least shares some struggles. You are putting so much pressure on the men (?) that are there for you. Once they realize that you don't just "like" them but that you're desperate for them and feel completely lost if they leave you, they don't feel special anymore. You need to make them feel like they have to "hunt" and deserve you vs. feel like you are desperate. It's not really in your control and I know that the most aware person with this problem wouldn't be able to solve it. I've been there. I'm so sorry

  18. Ouch. I get the reaction, but it feels like actually going through with that plan is either too little or too much.

  19. This, op. My dad always made sure that everybody knew what a c*nt my mother was. I loved her so much, I grew up resenting and fearing my dad for exactly that behavior. Validating himself by talking bad about my mother to literally everybody like his ego depended on it. Your wife is responsible for her actions, and you are for yours. People will see that you are unable to keep the relationship together. Being petty about this is immature. Yes, what she did is unacceptable, but you have to stay firm to your own standards. What do you expect yourself to do in such a situation? Remind yourself, you are in total control. You are. The 300 dollars might be gone but the future is in your own hands.

  20. Tons of ways. One is language, like questions around early exposure to multiple languages. Another is patterns of thought; there is some evidence for different kinds of cognitive biased in different cultures. What happens in the middle? Etc etc.

  21. thank you! can you tell me what I can google to find a master's taht heads me into this direction? I need an action plan , an example, something I can put my fingers onto, to go down that path. And I don't even know what this niche is named, if it has a name at all, and how to find it anywhere. there's just soo much on biculturalism and solittle at the same time.

  22. Start by reading reviews on culture and cognition (e.g. nisbett & nornzayan 2002). Find questions that interest you and look on google scholar to see who is working on those questions, and try to work with them.

  23. is this really a stem field then? I am only in my bachelors, so i think I would need to do a masters first. i am not sure. ahhh so much to do. I am in europe, Germany. And I know it's very very hard to get phd positions. but if it is about biculturalism i would definetely do it!

  24. i think that will make it sound sooooooooooooo much cleaner and effortless and beautiful!

  25. thank you! I will try. I understand. Because I am German, I have such a strong German accent when I sing and sometimes I dont' even understand my own singing:D so I'm overly self-conscious of the pronounciation. Thank you! I will try. If you loook at my profile you see another song that I uploaded here a short while ago. And I think there you can see that I have trouble pronouncing.

  26. you are firstly responsible for yourself and only secondly responsible for others, no matter for whom. You hurt your family if you keep going like this because, in the long run, this makes you believe your wife and children have been holding you a prisoner when the real imprisoner is you. You are setting yourself up to resent your family for everything you're feeling right now. That would be unfair. You owe it to your family to work on yourself, including this. You owe it to your family to share yourself with them - because you know what? You are part of it. If your daughters were being bullied in school, would you like them to hide it from you? If your wife was suicidal, do you think she would share it with you? Would you want her to share it with you? If so, why? She and the children love you just as much.

  27. experiencing paranoia doesn’t directly mean you have ptsd, but if it’s messing with your ability to function, i’d definitely go see a therapist and figure out where that is coming from. could just be really bad anxiety. i have paranoia but i know why. i have ptsd and schizoaffective. definitely not saying you do, just letting you know i understand these thoughts. they scare me a lot too

  28. I have a therapist, she's very helpful but the process is taking forever and I am uncomfortable relying on her availability so much. she has the ISTDP approach in therapy (not EMDR or CBT). Yes, it completely destroys my ability to function day to day life. I feel like I'm dying every day of sleep deprivation. I've had this for years. Ever since I remember.

  29. that you don't need calorie deficit for losing weight

  30. so you really drank from her breast? wow. nice foreplay

  31. Sounds like she's saying she looked bad or something compared to what she looks like now, nothing to do with wanting to reunite or accusing you if being a bad friend

  32. Why did she @ ed so many other friends? Thank you, I hope so. But even that wouldn't make sense to me lol

  33. To show them the picture of her in the past or you if she meant it about you. Why wouldn't it make sense?

  34. Because I don't even know how she looks like now, and we don't look ugly in them. And why would she tag all the others if she meant me or her? I don't have contact with them anymore and I'm sure she neither.

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