1. adcl says:

    A monolith with a QR code to scan and Rickroll.

  2. We thank you, oh Monolith, for revealing the cunning plans of our enemies to us.

  3. someone already got Automatic transmission so I'll just add side-eyed glances for getting a color that isn't WRB

  4. Hey, stop hating on WRB, I can’t find anyone willing to swap their trunk with me and I swear it’s because there’s fewer WRB STi’s than what I’m willing to believe.

  5. Honestly I wanted WRB too. When I went to order my '22 last year, I brought my wife along just for transparency purposes. I decided to let her choose the color thinking she'd just say "Yeah go with the world rally blue." since it's my car and all. Bear in mind that the dealer was so unprepared. They didn't even have samples of the color. She heard him say "Well we have sapphire blue" and said "That one! I like the way that sounds!"

  6. I dont know how true this is but the paint is said to be pretty thin and gets scratched pretty easily. It’s also a bit of a pain for body shops to make the paint, maybe sapphire blue isn’t as thin? One would hope!

  7. Imagine dying and they use this music for your final hours.

  8. I was talking to the bartender at a place I like to go to, she just turned 20 and I was talking to her about designer stuff, if she thinks it’s worth spending 10k on a handbag or a mortgage’s worth for a watch.

  9. Can we stop normalizing sexual assault/harassment in jail/prison? It’s damaging for men (and everyone), but shit like this is why men aren’t believed to have been assaulted/harassed, because y’all are making light of it.

  10. Ok but have you had their redbull slushies? Totally justifiable

  11. Most of the places I play at always get drinks spilled on the dance floor. I’m a lazy bastard and I don’t like constantly cleaning my shoes so I’ll just wear some dirty shoes that go with what I’m wearing. I won’t wear my nice white hightops unless the venue is a cleaner spot. I’ve had my shoes stepped on when it was packed and I had to use the restroom. My fault for walking close to the dancing people.

  12. What makes you come to this conclusion?

  13. The general hate in this sub. I was expecting a lot more hating to happen, I’m surprised to see this one so low. Not that I agree with the person at all.

  14. Haven’t played in a while. Is this the club? I’ve never ran into these guys, am I lucky or are they new?

  15. They aren't new they have been in since I started playing (mid way through last year) but because of how the ai is spawned (different each time you play a mission) they sometimes spawn or it could be like my case where 90% of the time I die before encountering one

  16. Yeah I think that’s my case as well, always dying before I get to meet one. Those terrorists are tough bastards.

  17. Tlou is a very grounded and realistic series

  18. When I was a teen, Gears of War 2 was just about to come out and I seriously thought they were going to show Maria somehow befriending a locust and escaping captivity. I thought you (the player) we’re going to play in the POV of said locust. I’m so glad they didn’t because it would have cheapened the experience. I’m glad TLoU didn’t either, because it wouldn’t have hit as hard as it did either.

  19. Lol yeah, I still couldn’t believe it when Dom had to do what he did in 2. To be naive again…

  20. OK so how do you talk to people when everyone is so unfriendly? I try to talk to people and they just look at me weird and its uncomfortable.

  21. Well I guess if people are being consistently unfriendly I would avoid them, cut and burn. People being that unfriendly aren’t worth the time to break down those barriers. If it keeps happening with other people as well, I would look at myself and see what I’m doing. An unfriendly DJ doesn’t make it far. Maybe go to your local subreddit and ask if any musicians/DJ’s want to link up and do a collab on some project, either a track or a mix.

  22. I don't know what i could be doin wrong, but I'm autistic so who knows, i don't know how to pick up on cues. I feel like these people are just stuck up, this region is extremely wealthy and I am low income working class and probably look like it, so they may just not like me because I'm not dressed right or something. I don't know how to appropriately analyze that, and don't have anyone to ask.

  23. For the dance contest you could block out an hour or 30 minutes, have people sign up to dance win a cash prize (maybe have a separate category for couples and solo). Have each person that signed up dance to either the same song, or a different song (up to you). Once everyone has danced, line them up, get on the mic and announce the name of each person, see which one the crowd likes the best. Typically these contests are judged by the crowd and gives these people a sense of engagement, and the decision won’t create animosity if it’s one person that’s judging. Any contest really is judged by the crowd. I dont know where you live so it’s up to you do your homework and find any spots that place dance (or whatever music you play) and negotiate from there. Also, personally, I would be willing to spend 1,000 on an event, maybe more depending, but I wouldn’t do anything higher since it’s your first event.

  24. Animated series will probably be dope, I wonder if it’ll be a spin-off and gives us more lore.

  25. Thank you, it’s annoying how much we use acronyms on this site and many just expect us to immediately understand. I’m curious why OP didn’t include the description of it when typing this post.

  26. I love the whole "mental illnesses" meme format it's so funny

  27. The fucking screw head one was hilarious, finally something decent that came out of okbr

  28. My friend using the grenade launcher for the first time wanted to try it out on us in the hotel. It somehow killed us instantly and it wasn’t lethal. I was laughing my ass off. Glitches like this can be funny as hell.

  29. Was it launched directly onto your body or death from the flash itself?

  30. He shot it at the floor, I think it was death from the flash because we both died at the same time

  31. Jesus pose, hand heart make, twiddle the tone knobs so it does nothing, hit the air horn sample 50 times back spin the playing deck and slam the crossfader over... rinse and repeat

  32. The Jesus pose was all Calvin Harris did when I saw him at EDC “NY” in 2015. Dude was so full of himself.

  33. Holy shit that’s true af I remember that lol

  34. Maybe I’m too young, but I never heard this about here. I did hear it about Lady Gaga when she first got big though.

  35. when the rumors first started she would exacerbate it by performing with a fake penis to show a bulge occasionally lol

  36. Many years back, before he became famous, he came down to Miami and was trying to get onto a few radio stations. He pestered his way into the booth with 2 of the on-air dj's and did an interview.

  37. I’ve seen those videos of him DJing and you can tell he used to DJ, just super rusty and bad because he doesn’t spin anymore. He was trying to juggle the turntables, he had the foundation but just wasn’t good enough to keep it on beat. He must have had the skill back then to be able to make his way up to a certain point

  38. Oh wow! I use a heatpump (aircon wall I ti thingy) in New Zealand for heating and cooling. I can't imagine spending that much just to keep warm. I prepay my electricity every week and usually spend $40 a week.

  39. Older houses in New England/North East are heated by oil. It’s built into the house basically, it’d be way more expensive to put in a whole new system so people have to suck it up for an oil heated house.

  40. What's wild is how much people pay for those 100+ yr old houses over there

  41. Yeah a medium sized house with around 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms would be well over a million dollars, regardless of age. But that was southwestern CT where it’s close to NY and anything that touches NY is jacked up in price. There also weren’t any new housing developments when I was living there, so it may be some law preventing newer housing developments being built.

  42. Hey brothers, does anyone else worn out jeans and shorts incredibly quickly? There is always a zone between the thighs that ends in a hole :(

  43. You mean in the gooch area? I started getting those after doing squats. I stopped doing legs seriously because pants and shorts are fucking expensive (I still do legs just not heavy).

  44. I genuinely don’t understand what these boys see in the moldy tater tot.

  45. I dont think there’s any good male role models that are as a famous as him. I think it would be different if there was an updated Mr Rogers to fit today.

  46. Why don’t you just slow down in a residential neighborhood? You should be able to simply walk in a neighborhood without risking you life. Regardless of what side of the street you walk on.

  47. Have you seen people drive? I regularly saw people drive 20mph in my apartment parking lot when the posted speed limit was 5, it’s like they were asking to hit a kid running between cars.

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