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  1. it’s being updated literally minutes after it airs, I think it might be a bot or smth

  2. In the investor scene they accidentally call butters Eric, which is the first time I’ve seen an error like that since season 1, or atleast the first time I’ve noticed it.

  3. It's a joke, Butters is inspired by Eric Stough, longtime SP producer

  4. It's odd. I don't remember if I encountered a single bug in either of the games. But then some people have tons of them. I do wonder what the triggering condition is.

  5. I played all of stick of truth on a pretty old xbox 1 and it worked fine expect for one bug wherr the cutscenes didnt load that got fixed when i retarted the game, and im playing TFBW rn and its running perfect so far, there has to be something else?

  6. I played Stick of Truth fine, but on my first playthrough of TFBW I had a glitch to where I couldn’t use the fire crackers and it softlocked me.

  7. I feel like people are looking for posts to rip on now. This post is more than a month old how did you find it?

  8. If we're really getting into it, then the first thing we need to establish is that South Park isn't satire in the traditional sense. Voltaire was a satirist, but he had concrete and well-defined political values and he actually sought to enact positive change through his works. South Park, on the other hand, has no base political or moral values, it simply ridicules anyone who attempts to deviate from the status quo OR who attempts to impose their values on other people. The problem is that this commentary has no underlying foundation or ultimate message beyond "You want change; that makes you an idiot."

  9. I think I get your point but they don’t usually stick to a “status quo” as you put it. Most of the time they make fun of the status quo too, the creators have a kind of “all or nothing” look on the show. Either they make fun of everything or nothing, if they only make fun of some things then that’s bigotry. In the show they show they show good and bad qualities of most things. Take the All About Mormons episode, it starts out with Stan(one of the main 4 kids) meeting this very religious Mormon kid who is overly nice. Stan is invited to dinner and it’s shown how his family is also extremely nice. This is a stereotype for Mormons. His family starts telling Mormon stories that make Mormons sound crazy. Stan notices this and dislikes it, starting to distance himself from this kid and even yell at him. Then the show has a really good message, talking about how you should be able to look past religion, and that they never pushed the religion on stan, that they were happy, and how them being Mormon doesn’t hurt anyone. This is a good message that they did do research for, neither of the creations are Mormon so it isn’t any bias. When you look at South Park on a surface level it seems like a bigoted, racist show, but if you actually watch an episode through they show both sides of the argument.

  10. Shorts, TikTok, reels, etc. it’s not necessary a bad thing, it’s almost reviving the show(with young kids but it’s an audience nonetheless)

  11. Idk, but I do know that they're making an film adaptation of 'The Book of Mormon'.

  12. Yea, I agree, pitching up your voice can only do so much, Stan sounds like he’s hitting puberty with his voice.

  13. Doesn’t surprise me, every adult animation has tons of people saying these exact things about the show.

  14. He does, a few times, but I think it’s because the same reason no one makes fun of Lu Kim for his stereotypical accent or looks, there’s nothing to make fun of because it’s all true(in the context of the show).

  15. I swear if “Super Smash Bros Ultimate Deluxe” comes out, I’ll shoot up the block

  16. Saying things like "don't rip it off" is a lie, since it's not something that it's not said as an order, and orders can be lies, so it's correct in a lies subreddit, and people do not often think this subreddit is

  17. “You called my daughter R2-D2!”

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