man shielded many women and took all pallets shotgun on himself during anti hizab protest in Tehran


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  1. His politics are good but the jokes on his show are so repetitive and forced, it's low-key worse than modern family guy humor. The only late night show I could stand was Conan, but unfortunately he's gone...

  2. So making students uncomfartable and making themselves a mocking caricutre of people who want to be comortable in their own skin.

  3. I'm an ESL teacher to students who are mostly from Saudi Arabia, and the girls have him as their desktop wallpaper like he's a fucking K-pop idol

  4. So that's it? I thought she had more to say than just that sports thing. Then again, if decided by someone with proper medical background, what then? And who qualifies as an authority? "My wife is a doctor" as Ben said? Or does this doctor need to be someone specialized in bones or their structural differences under certain hormones?

  5. It is scary to see when people on both fences play professionals. But also scary when medical decisions are done on political bias: imagine, throughout corona, it was always political. Why??

  6. Well I agree people need to understand medically speaking stick to the proffensials.

  7. Can anyone explain why this is bad like bankers as in clerks in a bank or the owners.Edit: I tought it meant the clerks who you see when you go to the band to withdraw money.

  8. Name the utlra woke countries. US has really homophobic major polticains and canda's conservative head has shifting views on lbgt.

  9. I would just avoid those people, they dont harm me or anyone other being a bit cringe.

  10. um hey i dont know what to say but can I just say something it never is a bad as it seems. Like i know i might sound wrong but still. Keep moving forward get help idk man

  11. I was abt to be a right winger then i found most of them denied climate change so i left

  12. and transphobes do realize they the ones enforcing these gender streotypes

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