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  1. I want to be done. I want to be able to play alts and other games. This is the best thing ever!

  2. If people don't accept Nice Smelling with high roster then I don't want in their groups anyways, they probably suck lol

  3. Ohhhhhh that’s why. I watched the video 10 times and couldn’t figure it out. Will have to watch again

  4. The game becomes harder for f2p players every day and this is what will ultimately kill the game.

  5. I can't even get good relic accessories on my newly 1445+ alts with 6pc relic armor because I won't spend an additional near 40k gold on 100 stupidassfeeons. I have 5 alts.. 500 feeons alone just on accessories... and I don't even want to think how much more feeons I'll need just on stone cuttings.

  6. akschually its 625 pheons since 1 relic acc is 25 pheons, assuming youre going for 5 pieces.

  7. Appreciate the correction (was baked at time of writing) but this doesn't make me feel better LMAO

  8. I don’t watch YouTube on my Playstation anymore because of ads. Every 30 seconds of video is 30 seconds of ads.

  9. Taking your pants off is good for fluid mechanics?

  10. I apply to groups without the titles and still get in... my title is Nice Smelling tho, maybe don't smell so bad?

  11. Just practice really, learning what pulls to pop cds and when to hold. Until you get to that point get in the habit of using your big dmg cds whenever they are up unless you know a boss is coming. Eventually you’ll nail down when you can get away from cds and start topping meters. Good luck!

  12. What a joke AAA game devs are now a days. “Our game is actually pretty though so deal with 30 fps”

  13. First the crabs and now we're losing our marbles?!

  14. well, like 50% of his attacks are flames. and the other option is shielding yourself and tanking something else if lucky enough that he does it. im just saying that you navigate yourself into a corner with MS but if you have no issues with that then enjoy it. idgaf what engraving you play cos they are all viable. but claiming MS is the only / best option is simply objectively wrong.

  15. Did some testing tonight because I was curious. I don’t drop stacks often unless I really fucked up. The initial hit from the dot removes a stack, the dot ticks afterwords do not drop stacks. Tested this on the ring of fire and the burn you get from the boss, etc. Until showtime I was pretty much able to maintain 5 stacks or drop to 3/4 for a moment. Afterwords it wasn’t too bad to maintain stacks.

  16. Edit: Misunderstood the question. No, it doesn't break. In fact, after 2 upgraded pieces, it seems like 2 piece set bonus is upgraded aswell.

  17. Awesome, so just to be clear it looks something like 2pc lvl 2 active, 4/6pc lvl 1 active?

  18. It shows me that 2piece is lvl2, while 6piece is still active.

  19. I ran with a pally (1460) than ran pretty much this build as well and we failed to clear valtan g1 on hard, had basically no heals, our entire party was chugging pots and rotting to the bleeds and other chip damage.

  20. Cleared G1/2 in a couple pulls, G3 got to Showtime and people had to call it for the night. Tryin' more tonight!

  21. Not so sure I like the iron man UI, shame you can't turn that off.

  22. My eyes are right near of the top of the screen. It's perfect.

  23. Asking because I was considering getting rise but the UI looks unbearable does this still work?

  24. Not sure why you are getting downvoted. Just because you can see a couple cables doesn’t mean this is bad cable management. Who the tf cares about another man’s cables. Pc looks great OP. The RBG people are just jealous you are getting same fps without childish rainbow vomit

  25. Why do people care though. I mean if he wants to run his cpu cooler that why then let him do it

  26. There's a list of reasons why you don't mount a heatsink like that.. what do you mean? People are just looking out for him to not cook his CPU.

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