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  2. I rocked it for a long time. Good for designs but ultimately it's not Dune Racer so not as many people care. Sucks because it's quite a decent decal (which makes it expensive to get in painted variants).

  3. Im pretty sure WG would be the only developer that would think that it is a good idea to use those banned names....

  4. WG's the only developer that would make something to get around a stats tracker instead of banning the stats tracker

  5. Transfer Leadership also should be all the way at the bottom of a clan member's options.

  6. People are dissing this apparel event so hard and it really doesn't deserve the hate.

  7. Bourr, T78, TKS (honestly why not), T-50-2, VK 105, GSOR potentially, and the 34-85M.

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