1. I like how well-formatted your post is in presenting these examples. Clearly you exercised great care. Thank you.

  2. TEST is a whole new animal. It likes more important things in the beginning, but also sometimes can't contemplate the more complex mashups. It won't be around for long now though. When V4 comes out, I'll reevaluate things work!

  3. lol you should repost this and lmk on discord or fb next time, reddit thinks youre spamming and wont let it thru unless I manually approve it

  4. Oh my lord. I'll try to remeber to message you. I love how Reddit doesn't like me posting a bunch of text, images, and a link. 😂 I'll have to stick to Facebook.

  5. how do you verify it. i cant clear my prompt because it needs some sort of verification, and doesnt tell me how or where

  6. Hey! Yea, Google makes scripts a pain to run the first time. After you click a button it'll say you need allow it, once you do you'll never need to do that again, and everything will work fine.

  7. I like how it seems to take the chemical structure into play. I love combining things like dmt, molecule, DNA, and so on to see what happens.

  8. Maaaaan, i spend an entire day collecting information about how to make a really nice prompt, and your work is the big shortcut for beginner like me. You're an absolute legend thx ;)

  9. This looks amazing so far. Definitely appreciative. I’m curious, can you add modern pop artist like Takashi Murakami and Kaws?

  10. Thanks! I'll add these to my list for the next update. Always love when people recommend names or words to add! Cheers.

  11. Hey legend, I downloaded the prompter but it's view only , I've requested access. It looks absolutely amazing and can't wait to use it

  12. Hey! When you visit the link it should give you the option to COPY the sheet. Once you make a copy to your drive you can do it all!

  13. I use the visual notebook just about every day. Really appreciate you, and the color palettes

  14. Thanks for saying that! I am working on some updates and getting a website organized for notes as well!

  15. Dear, I have found your website and free spreadsheet. As a 'thank you', I donated 20$. Thank you for making my art better. Klaas

  16. You are awesome. Seriously, thanks for the support. It all goes right back into MidJourney, and I hope to just make things better with time!

  17. I am the maker of Prompter. I have seen a few other web based versions, even one that literally ripped off my design, data, and even name... lol. :|

  18. Thank you! Always trying to add to it and improve it (and midjourney tends to change things constantly, lol). I try to share often so people use it. ✌️

  19. Hey next time you wanna post your prompter stuff on the midjourney sub maybe message me or use modmail to see if one of us is online. It keeps filtering your posts bc of all the urls so I have to manually approve it, but if I see it like an hour or more later it's gonna get lost in the noise even tho I've approved. You can message me on discord (I'm "fnuckle (midjourney.witch)" on discord) too if you want to see if I'm around next time you wanna post links to your prompter stuffs

  20. Ah good tip, thank you. I am not much of a Reddit guy, so this is news to me! Thank you, I'll keep that in mind. ✌

  21. It says I have to grant you access to my google account, and that you will access to see, edit, download and delete any other google spreedsheets I may have?

  22. True and false, and yes, I've got this question a few good times... Custom scripting for Google Sheets "acts" like an app, so you need to give the script permission to your account for it to run. You can view my script code, and even if you don't know code you can see how basic it is (and I labeled everything so you understand). All it does is copy the sheet cells and paste them, or clear cell values - all of the one single spreadsheet.

  23. Any chance of making this downloadable as an Excel spreadsheet..?

  24. It could be possible, but would need a lot of work to get it going. I only use Google Drive products myself (rarely ever Excel, Word, PowerPoint). In theory I could try, however Google seems to have other functionality like apps scripts (that make the SAVE and CLEAR buttons work). This is also cloud based, it pulls a public database of terms I made, and not sure if Excel can or can't handle that... I'll look into it.

  25. It's originally a line from the Bhagavad Gita, Hindu scripture. I've tried it too. Always weird results mostly because of "death" but cool stuff.

  26. Just ran some tests, it's pretty cool. I was hoping my 3080 would be more powerful for this, but seems I can only get 512x512 or my vram dies. Maybe I can tweak settings, or maybe that's just the max. Should'a went for that 3090, lol.

  27. Can you break down what some of the sections soo? Like “subjects” and seeds? Thank you this is amazing btw

  28. Hey thank you. I started a Prompter Visual Notebook that you can check out for any questions. I still have a lot of work, and a lot to add, but it's super helpful!

  29. You are awesome. Seriously. Thanks so much for the support... I am working on a new version and adding :: in between all "ideas" to better structure and separate things. After a lot of tests, it seems like the way to go... Cheers!

  30. Hey, maker of Prompter here. The spreadsheet uses an Apps Script to give it more functionality (multi-select in drop-down menus, the Save and Clear buttons). The reason Google warns you about allowing scripts is that someone COULD put malicious code in there. I am not smart enough to know how to do that, lol, but I did submit the script to Google for approval. It takes time, but soon it should be approves and in one click it'll say it's safe and verified... until then you can view the code (it's super basic, and I put in notes about what it all does) and if you don't allow the script, everything will still work except the buttons to Save and Clear.

  31. There are people are trying to make money off the prompts, so no, you are incorrect that the creator will likely 'give' the keywords away.

  32. Ha, okay, well sorry for being "incorrect" but I was just speaking from experience. Literally everyone I have asked so far was open and honest.

  33. Why are you shaking your head? What does that have to do with anything? Prompter is just a tool that helps with ease of format and offers tons of words as suggestions. I don't care about what you do with it - I care about the image.

  34. It can be automatic or from report

  35. Yea, this one was 100% automatic. The second I hit enter I was busted. Funny because this was a while ago, and I just accidentally typed HOE again, and not even a warning for it. Weird AI, dude.

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