1. Reddit when people are complaining about something they're strugling with in their life (They don't have the right to complain because i have it worse obviously)

  2. History isn't written by the victor or the loser it's written by historians with best sources they have and graduely gets more accurate with the more information coming out. Such as tge eastern front in WW2 was only told from the German perspective untill very recently due to the Russian archives being open finaly so history is re written to be more accurate.

  3. Dead Hard should be removed completely from the game.

  4. U can easily bait it out and they dont get distance. only useful at pallets.

  5. I know you can and I do, but the implementation of it is dumb in of itself.

  6. U really gotta time it now tho i'd rather have more dead hards than sprint burst depending on the killer but my god it's hillarious when a survivor dead hards to you and u dont hit them the fear is priceless.

  7. They both DC’d together the moment the knight found them 🙃

  8. Yea yesterday 2 clauds just gave up because i got early hit and she wasted her speed and than a failed dead hard. She tried to kill herself on hook.

  9. This. When I had it with survivors, a good dose of "Annoying-Pinhead" Humble Pie is exactly what they need

  10. Myers isn’t THE worst but he’s down there and desperately needs a rework he’s outdated af

  11. Everybody gangsta till people realize he's a little too slow for tier 3 and is not lunge attacking.

  12. The world runs in fear when Trapper main finaly switches to Nurse..... or the hillbilly switches to blight

  13. Thank god for soloQ survivors countering this perk by not doing gens 🙏

  14. Istanbul dan başka biyerde yaşamak benim için büyük ihtimal iyi olmaz. Ama bazı faktörleri görmezden gelirsek Kuş adası, Foça ve Ankara güzel.

  15. Removal of abilities a survivor has is a bad idea. You would have to remove 2 perks and many offerings. The ability for a survivor to get that lucky 4 percent would be bad for the game.

  16. I agree but the amount of teamates or opponents that dc is fcking annoying

  17. But if u cant kill yourself on hook and DC than a bot will replace you if both are implemented it might work.

  18. That whole meme makes it seem like it's unfair they don't have as many children to molest.

  19. Those poor priests they dont have the means to molest kids per week :(

  20. I mean yeah but you can’t shit on the ussr even with its shortcomings it went from the development of Brazil to USA tier by the mere well implemented collectivism

  21. USSR became so strong by litterly crushing smaller east european countries using slave labour and starving it's own citiziens, the people it had control over

  22. US became so strong by literally wiping out the native population of an entire continent while importing millions of slaves from another continent

  23. Whaaat. It’s one of the only maps you can play Scratched Mirror Michael on.

  24. I dont like being extremely slow and im not using a purple addon every time i play him

  25. He’s the same exact speed with Vanity Mirror.

  26. But he doesnt have proper lunge attack which makes playing open loops really painful

  27. or just soloq, I never see my teammates touching gens

  28. Guys listening to songs about history does not equel to history knowledge and as much as i love sabotan most of history is not war. It's political clashes over religion and economy and war is way too complex to explain in 5min song. As much as i love their songs sabotan is not good source for history.

  29. America was never godly tho most of the founding fathers were deists

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